What to buy in Bukidnon: Pine-yema!

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If you have a sweet tooth and absolutely love yema, then you won’t be disappointed with Bukidnon Online‘s newest find: Pine-Yema! By the name alone, you’d know what it is – yema with tasty pineapple bits. Yum! Or should I say, yummy yema! 🙂 Recommended pasalubong from the Province of Bukidnon!

BukidnonOnline.com found these goodies at Bukin’s Grill located at Alae, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, where my brother, mom and I had our post-Dahilayan Adventure Park zipline adventure coffee break.

Pine-Yema is a product of Fresh Pick Pasalubong.

Meanwhile, if you have a product that’s made in Bukidnon or if you have a service or business in Bukidnon that you may want us to feature here in the only interactive blog about Bukidnon, then please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US!

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