Where will you spend your summer?

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So summer is finally upon us. We’re curious.

Where will you spend your summer? Will you spend your summer in Bukidnon or will you spend it somewhere else?

We wanted to ask this because just recently, we read an opinion piece in one of the national dailies.

It was written by someone who traversed the Cagayan de Oro to Bukidnon highway. Needless to say, he was so disappointed with the ongoing “road repair work.”

He even called out the “inefficient contractors” who were responsible in finishing those so-called “road repair works.” He lamented that the traffic caused by those “repairs” was so bad.

Bukidnon Online has actually written about this before. We expressed our frustration over the so-called “road repair works.” Wouldn’t you also agree when we say that these “repairs” have taken a darn too long time?

So we wonder if people are even interested to visit Bukidnon now. Will the province have a lot of summer tourists or will even locals abhor going to tourist spots these days because of these road repair works, the heat, the rotating blackouts etc etc?

We’re just putting our thoughts out there and would be happy to hear your opinions as well.

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