Will you accept P1,000 if your kin died in a Bukidnon flood?

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BUKIDNON NEWS | BUKIDNON ONLINE | COMMENTARY | OPINION – We were so appalled with this piece of news. We were scanning the Internet for Bukidnon news and here’s one news item that really caught our eye.

According to the news report, 3 people were killed in two separate flash floods that hit the province of Bukidnon. The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said that two floods occurred in Bukidnon: 1 at 8 AM last August 21 at Purok 4 in Bantuanon, Lantapan and another at Fortich Bridge, Valencia City. Victims were Ernesto Gahinay, Marmar Gahinay and another one who remain unidentified.

But wait — here’s what shocked us.

The NDRRMC said the Lantapan local government provided cash assistance of P1,000 for the fatalities’ kin. The Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council recommended a burial assistance of P3,000 for each victim.

SAY WHAT?! (Actually, we threw a ton of expletives at this point but of course we can’t write those here!)

Can someone please enlighten us?!?! Was this just some cruel joke? Did the news writer commit a typo?

ONE THOUSAND PESOS?!?! What the eff did the Lantapan government expect the bereaved families do with THAT?!?! SERIOUSLY?!

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  • That P1000 is just over $20.00 US and is less than the cost of a case of beer in that country. I know this is not the USA but that is an insult to this country when it values a human life (death in this case) at $20.00

    ONCE AGAIN!!! How do I edit in this blog after making a typo or just wanting to change something? I have asked this specific question at least 5 times with NO answer.

    • Hi Jerry, with regard to the comment box, we’re working on this. We might need to deactivate some plugins so please bear with us 🙂 Thanks a heap and we really appreciate the comments you’ve been leaving on this site. Salamat!

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