Yet another crime at the Capitol Grounds in Malaybalay City

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MALAYBALAY CITY | CRIME | BUKIDNON NEWS – I don’t know about you but this seemingly series of crimes (regardless of whether they’re petty or not) at the Capitol Grounds in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon is getting to be very alarming.

Following an incident whereby a man and a woman got shot at the Capitol Grounds, a young female has also fallen prey to baddies!

A 17 year old lady, who requested anonymity, told Bukidnon Online that two men tried to snatch her bag a few nights ago as she walked along one of Capitol Grounds’ side streets.

When the two men failed to snatch her bag, they dragged her to a dark area. She kept on screaming, she said, but no one came to her rescue.

Fortunately, she was able to kick one of her attackers’ shin and move away from his hold somehow. The 17 year old victim immediately scurried off away from her attackers.

Amazingly, she barely noticed that she was still holding on to her bag. It was only when she reached the Plaza Rizal that she realized that the sling of her bag was wrapped around her wrist somehow.

So again I have to ask — what’s going on here?

What’s happening over at the Capitol Grounds? Aren’t policemen being sent to that area regularly?

This type of news isn’t helping the province’s efforts in luring tourists for the upcoming Kaamulan Festival 2010!

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  • relax ra kaau ato mga magbalantay diri malaybalay…. kalinaw ra ila gabantayan…. ang kagubot… luwasa imo kaugalingon…. wa man tawon koy makita nga pirmi ga tambay nga pulis diha capitol grounds….. butangan sad ug mga suga unta kadtong mga ngitngit nga lugar….

  • The ultimate responsibility is with Gov. Zubiri. The capitol grounds is within his jurisdiction. We have a governor whose only concern is with his self-interest. The province of Bukidnon is deteriorating because of the way he manages the province. Corruption, killings, sexual immoralities, and squatters became very very rampant during his term. I hope someday, God will raise up new inspiring, honest, effective leaders in Bukidnon.

  • the CSUs(Civil Security Unit) are supposed to guard the properties of the Provincial gov’t.or they can hire private security guards…of course, they have to charge the expense to Maintenance and Operating Expence(MOE) which means lesser savings and bonuses….

  • malaybalay used to be “ZERO” in terms of crime, i guess the local government should be awake now. Action should be done to ensure safety. Malaybalay is a very nice place dapat dili unta ma sagulan ug mga crime2x pero mu abot man jud ng mga dili ingon nato so we should be doing things nga maka lessen sa mga crimes.

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