BREAKING: Zubiri backtracks, cancels EO banning rice trade outside Bukidnon

The Province of Bukidnon has backtracked and is now allowing the sale, delivery and distribution of rice outside its borders.

Bukidnon Governor Jose Zubiri, Jr. issued early today, March 27, 2020, Executive Order Number 18 ordering rice producers, traders and sellers to refrain from selling, distributing and releasing rice grains outside of the Province of Bukidnon.

This came as a complete shock to the public, many of whom immediately criticized the governor for his decision. Numerous netizens said that this was not the right time to limit supplies especially to neighboring areas such as Davao and Cagayan de Oro. Some sectors also said that the EO would have meant supply hoarding, which is in violation of government laws.

At around 2 PM the same day, Zubiri called for another media briefing and announced that he was now lifting the said EO, saying that local rice suppliers have already committed to supplying the Provincial Government of Bukidnon of 100,000 sacks of rice.

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In EO Number 18, it was stated that the Bukidnon government bought 40,000 sacks of rice and intended to buy 60,000 more in order to distribute to poor residents of the province. The EO explained that rice suppliers sold merchandise outside of the province, thus depleting the local supply.

During the afternoon media briefing, however, Zubiri announced that such was no longer the case since local suppliers already pledged the availability of 100,000 sacks of rice.

This new development has left numerous people still angry at the governor. They say that he should have been more cautious because lives are on the line.

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