Bukidnon State University President Cabanelez reappointed

Bukidnon State University President Dr. Oscar Cabanelez has been appointed for a second term. Cabanelez first became BSU President last January 8, 2015, replacing Dr. Victor Barroso who has been BSU chief since 1999. Barroso was also set to turn 70 years old a few days after Cabanelez’s appointment, the mandatory retirement age set by the government.

Cabanelez was reappointed early January 2019.

Married to Ligaya Caluya Cabanelez, Sir Oca (as he is fondly called by friends and colleagues) is father to Regie Cabanelez-Medidas and Jade Grace Cabanelez. Born in Malaybalay City, Sir Oca holds an Executive Doctorate Degree in Education Leadership, a Doctorate Degree in Education Management and a Masteral Degree in Education Administration.

oscar cabanelez
Photo taken by Rein Matters

Before his election as BSU President, Cabanelez served as Vice President for Academic Affairs. He rose from the ranks – from Faculty Assistant to the Principal to Principal to Regional Supervisor to Associate Dean to Program Director (Educational Administration) to Dean (Office of Student Affairs) to Dean (College of Community Education and Industrial Technology) to Vice President for Administration, Planning and Development to VPAA – and then finally, University President.

Sir Oca is also a recipient of numerous awards and citations including Young Teacher Ambassador to Japan (1985) and Most Outstanding Alumni of San Isidro High School (1993).

He was also conferred datuship in 2013. The Bukidnon Tribal Council of Datus named him Datu Kahindugan (Civilizer).

Congratulations, Sir Oscar! Keep the BSU beacon light shining!

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