How to pay your Malaybalay water bill online

You can now pay your Malaybalay City Water District (MCWD) bills online. This is especially handy for those who live far away from Malaybalay City proper and, of course, given the current threats and risks related to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

In order to ensure the safety of MCWD clients as well as avoid the spread of the deadly COVID-19, Malaybalay City Water District has reiterated the availability of an online payment gateway via Landbank of the Philippines.

If you’re a Landbank account holder, you can easily pay your water bill online via the bank’s Electronic Payment Portal or EPP.

Here’s how you can pay your Malaybalay water bill online:

1. Log on to Then click “Pay Now”

2. Select the merchant. In this case, click on the letter “M” and scroll down. When you see “Malaybalay City Water District,” click it. Then choose “Continue”

3. Next up: Transactions. Choose “Water Bill” on the right. Click “Submit”

4. The next step will then be easy to follow. There will be required fields for you to accomplish.

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget to keep a copy of your current water bill nearby as you accomplish your online payment. You will need to also familiarize yourself with certain data such as cubic meters etc.

Please remember that only individuals or companies that hold Landbank PESO ATM accounts can do online payments. A Php 10.00 transaction fee will also be deducted from the customer’s Landbank account. If you’ll pay using a Bancnet card, you will be charged Php 20.00.

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