Manolo Fortich student dies; is the teacher responsible?

Here’s something that’s interesting to discuss. A Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon student has apparently died in an accident and now Department of Education (DepEd) – Bukidnon is waiting if the student’s parents will file a case.

What happened was that the student, Kyle Susana, died after slipping off a rock while taking a video reportedly for their science project. According to an RMN report, Susana was taking the video footage at Kumaykay River in San Gabriel, Sto. Nino, Manolo Fortich.

According to the RMN interview with Sunny Ray Amit, the chief of the school governance and operation division of DepEd Bukidnon, it is Susana’s parents’ right to pursue a case versus the teacher, who remained unnamed.

Amit reportedly said that they cannot conduct an investigation yet pending instructions from the DepEd Regional Director, who apparently is the “disciplining authority.”

The RMN report also stated that the still unnamed teacher denied having any responsibility. The Manolo Fortich police said that the teacher denied instructing the students to take footages at the river.

Bukidnon Online reached out to Atty. John Flores, son of Bukidnon 2nd District Rep. Florencio Flores, Jr., to get a legal perspective.

“Teachers shall have special parental authority over their minor student,” Flores emphasized.

“This authority extends to “authorized” school activities conducted whether inside or outside the school premises. It means that teachers may be held responsible for the actions of their students or incidents that may cause injury to their minor student who is under their custody and supervision,” Flores said.

“The only time the teacher can be excused is if he or she can show that he or she exercised the diligence of a good father of a family to avoid or prevent the damage or injury. The diligence of a good father of a family is the diligence expected from us as if we were dealing with the affairs of our own family,” Flores added.

Flores, a longtime practising lawyer, has been representing his father in many events around the second district. He has launched a Facebook page where he shares photos and helps people who need quick legal opinions.

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