Maramag, Bukidnon now under community quarantine

It’s Maramag, Bukidnon’s turn to declare the entire municipality under community quarantine. Valencia City declared yesterday.

Maramag Mayor Atty. Jose Doromal issued executive order no. 19 series of 2020 which is a declaration placing the entire Municipality of Maramag under community quarantine. The following are the guidelines:

1. Movement of the people in the Municipality should be limited to accessing basic necessities – purchase of food, going to work, going to hospitals, withdrawing money, or taking out garbage. People are required to buy goods from local stores/suppliers as much as possible. Everyone SHOULD stay at home during the whole duration of the community quarantine. A Composite Team Consisting of the AFP, PNP, MDRRMO, BFP, MHO/BHERT Representatives, Mayor’s Office. Task Force will be formed. The Composite Team will help ensure that this measure will be followed. Loitering is prohibited at this time of Public Health Emergency.

2. There will be uniformed personnel and quarantine officer at checkpoints to check on the temperature of individuals entering the municipality. Screening Procedure as required by the Department of Health will be observed at the checkpoints. Identification Cards (ID’s) will be required upon entry. Non-residents will be required to state the purpose of their visit and their point of destination. Monitoring/Travel History Form is required o be filled-up in appropriate cases. Stricter guidelines will be imposed on those who are at high risk (60 years old and/or immunocompromised.) The Composite Team at the checkpoint areas may issue supplementary guidelines in accordance with the Department of Health (DOH) Protocols.

3. Individuals Exiting the municipality must show ID’s, state the reason of exit, point of destination, place of departure, checked for signs and symptoms of fever, respiratory symptoms, or diarrhea at the exit point. Screening procedure as required by the DOH will be observed at the checkpoints. Monitoring/Travel History form is required to be filled-up in appropriate cases.

4. Mass gatherings and classes in all levels, public or private will be in continued suspension until after the state of the Public Health Emergency is lifted. Students found outside will be advised to go home to their respective houses to secure their health and safety.

5. Religious leaders, priests, ministers, pastors and imams are encouraged to suspend church services and public worships involving mass gathering within this quarantine period. Social distance of at least one (1) meter radius between and among individuals SHOULD be observed.

6. Government work will not be disrupted, Social Distancing also applies in the offices.

7. Employees from other municipalities may enter the Municipality of Maramag upon presentation of their ID’s and after undergoing temperature check or screening procedure.

8. Private companies are urged to implement flexible workplan for their employees. Social distance of at least 1 meter radius between and among individuals SHOULD likewise be observed in the offices. Companies are requested to check on their employees and report possible cases to the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT) or the Local Health Unit of Maramag.

9. Institutions/Individuals are advised to conduct online meetings and online bank transactions.

10. Business establishments will remain operation except: a. resorts, swimming pools, and recreation facilities; b. cockpit arenas; c. karaoke, bars, videoke, and beer houses and. e. other entertainment and amusement sites.

11. There will be no disruption of the Public Transportation Operations, but STRINGENT SOCIAL DISTANCING is a MUST. At the terminal, passengers will be subjected to temperature checks. Screening procedures at the checkpoints will apply at terminals.

12. Cargo or supply deliveries will be allowed. Drivers and helpers of cargo/supply deliveries must present their ID’s and be subjected to thermal scans. They SHOULD be able to leave the Municipality upon unloading of goods or products.

13. All other activities that may be determined in the future to be applicable in the community quarantine will be allowed or restrained as the case may be.

Meanwhile, the Maramag Mayor has imposed self-quarantine following Senator Migz Zubiri’s declaration that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

* Photos from LGU Maramag

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