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Malaybalay City Fire Station gets new uniforms

The Malaybalay City Fire Station recently received new sets of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). A total of 24 sets of protective uniform were given and the amount totaled to Php 471,000.00. Malaybalay fire aides will be using these new sets of uniforms during fire calls

doy beltran

Doy Beltran for Barangay Sumpong Malaybalay

There are barangay candidates and then there are barangay candidates whom I can personally vouch for and whom I know have real good, sincere intentions. One of them is my long-time friend, Doy Beltran. I’m trying my best to remember how we met. I think

kaamulan festival 2018 tribal olympics

Kaamulan Festival 2018 Ethnic Tribal Olympics

The Kaamulan Festival is an annual gathering of the 7 hill tribes of Bukidnon. This means that while there may be musical events, celebrities, band shows and all those modern events during Kaamulan, let’s not forget our indigenous brothers and sisters. This Bukidnon festival is

Kaamulan Grounds Malaybalay Bukidnon Foot Bridge

Looks like the Kaamulan Grounds is undergoing continuous landscape changes. In 2015, a water fountain, which also served as a rotunda of sorts, was constructed at the Kaamulan Grounds, in front of the Bukidnon Tourism Office. These days, the area now has a footbridge, as seen