Alleged RTMI bus post about drivers taking drugs alarms netizens

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BUKIDNON NEWS – A post on Rural Transit Mindanao, Inc. – Bulua Base’s Facebook account has alarmed netizens. A screenshot of the post, which was sent to Bukidnon Online, shows that the administrator of the alleged RTMI page defending bus drivers’ use of illegal drugs before driving. The page administrator even reasoned that it is “important” for the bus driver to take illegal drugs especially if the trip is long.

Bukidnon Online has yet to verify if the Facebook account is legit. This site is open to comments from the bus company.


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  • Do you have a direct link to the page? There appear to be 2 different Rural Transit Mindanao Facebook pages.

  • None of the bus drivers for this company know the value of downshifting when going down mountains. Most of them put the bus in neutral and coast. Then they half burn up the brakes when it is time to slow down. No wonder there are so many bus and truck accidents in Bukidnon.

  • In the last few days I have twice been on a bus that had to stop and use a garden hose to spray the smoking brakes. One time the smoke was so bad I had to get off the bus.

  • I repaired trucks and buses for 30 years and had a license to drive them. It is flat out wrong, and dangerous to dump water on hot brakes. Now I also know that the old American International Harvester trucks that are now on the roads in Bukidnon have not had the jake brakes removed before they were sold in auction and subsequently brought to The Philippines, so why do I never hear one in operation?

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