Board Member Jay Albarece reacts to our commentary

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BUKIDNON | PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT OF BUKIDNON | COMMENTARY | OPINION – Remember our article about the proposal of Bukidnon Board Member Jay Albarece (which we thought was rather amusing)? Albarece lodged a proposal before the Sangguniang Panlalawigan wherein he asked that business establishments such as banks, Internet cafes, restaurants, hotels, schools and other shops be required to install close circuit television cameras or CCTV cameras.

Albarece said that this was a good security measure, given the sad fact that Bukidnon has seen a lot of crimes in recent years.

We lauded Albarece for that but we also shared some of our opinions and suggestions. You can read our previous post about that HERE.

Thankfully, the Bukidnon provincial government official took our suggestions well and he even said that he was “glad” that we brought it up.

You can find Board Member Jay Albarece’s comment right here on Bukidnon Online!

See Albarece’s comments here.

See? IT PAYS TO BLOG and share your opinions/suggestions/reactions/comments!


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  • I guess it would be wrong to rely heavily on the government regarding our personal or isntitutional security vis-a-vis criminality in the province. The wave of “XRM carnappers” is disturbing. In Maramag alone, according to the Chief of Police, there is an average of 5 carnaps every week or an average of 20 carnapped motorcycles per week. With the dwendling numbers of policemen due to tight budget, I guess we meet to mobilise civil societies to protect ourselves. Few suggestions could be: join civic radio groups like kabalikat civicom or radiocom in your neighborhood, affiliate with Karancho, report all suspicious persons to the police, etc. everyone should be in the look out for bad elements.

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