British citizens told to avoid Malaybalay et al

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BUKIDNON NEWS | MALAYBALAY NEWS – So we finally had the chance to sift through the numerous emails sent to this Bukidnon blog and found one that kindda worried us. Apparently, the British government has issued a travel ban a few days ago, warning the British not to visit southern Philippines. Unfortunately, one of the places mentioned in the travel ban is…yup, you guessed it right…MALAYBALAY CITY.

According to the advisory issued by the British Embassy in Manila, they’re telling its citizens to avoid Malaybalay as well as Tandag, Butuan, Prosperidad, Oroquieta, Dipolog, Nabunturan, Tagum, Mati and Digos. The embassy said that unless truly essential, travel to these places must be avoided. We’re guessing that it’s still technically okay to visit Malaybalay but only if it’s really, really important.

The British Embassy also warns its citizens against traveling to Bongao, Jolo, Isabela, Ipil, Pagadian, Tubod, Marawi, Kidapawan, Sharif Aguak, Isulan, Koronadal and Alabel.

“We advise against all travel to southwest Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago because of on-going terrorist activity and clashes between the military and insurgent groups,” the advisory said.

What are your thoughts about this?

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  • Good thing I’m not British because I would have to ask them if it was “absolutely essential” to visit Malaybalay if I live here. As it is, I’m American and not suppose to visit ANYWHERE in Mindanao. Actually I VISIT CDO on occasion but only when I’m shopping for the ground meat unavailable-by-order-of-the-mayor ground beef and ground pork. But since I live in Malaybalay I’m technically not visiting here.

  • Have the Brits gone mad?
    1. Malaybalay is one of the safest places in the world and its people are second to none
    2. malaybalay should issue a warning against travel to the UK.There must be hundreds of towns in UK with a far worse record of criminality than in Malaybalay.
    3. i could go on and on but my blood just boils at the stupidity of the British, just arrogant stupidity but what can you expect.

  • My blood still boils even though i am a uk citizen.If i was the Gov i would immediately sue the Brits in the international court of justice in the hague for willfully issuing this order without examining the facts and causing loss of tourism income to the area.These stupid schoolboy decisions by some hack sitting in the brit high commission eating a chip sandwich and wondering how he can best justify his position must stop the arrogant b,stard must be found and asked to explain his ignorance.

    • You obviously have not read my response to the original post.As a Brit you should direct you constructive critisism direct to the British Embassy in Manila not the High Commission which are only found in Commonwealth countries.
      I’m sure this advice is old and for your information the same advice was issed by the US,Australia,New Zealand and the majority of EU countries. Is it possible just maybe that they know something we don’t know or is the Foreign Office just covering the jacksies.

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