Bukidnon man fined for killing, cooking Philippine Eagle

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BUKIDNON NEWS | MALAYBALAY CITY – A man in Bukidnon has reportedly been fined Php 100,000.00 as penalty for killing and subsequently cooking a young male Philippine Eagle.

The Bukidnon man was identified as one Bryan Balaon.

A Malaybalay City court ruled that Balaon was found guilty of violating Republic Act 9147, also called Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act. The said act prohibits the killing of a critically endangered species such as the Philippine Eagle.

Balaon’s penalty of Php 100,000.00 is the lowest possible one. Under the said law, anyone caught killing the rare Philippine Eagle should be punishable by imprisonment of between 6 to 12 years or slapped with a fine of between Php 100,000 and Php 1 Million.

Reports say that no deadline for payment of the said fine was indicated on the court ruling.

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  • So very sad that the judge considers this not an offence against our wonderful eagle.The judge should be named with the offender as the judge is now deemed to be anti eagle and has sent a message to the people that its ok to feed yourself on this beauty of nature.The judge should be named and shamed on A DAILY BASIS until everyone knows the name and can shout at him/her in the streets.The world conservation council are in total shock that the philippine judge did this.I would like the Bukidnon news to publish the reasons of the judge in this case, maybe bryan is a nephew?

    • The Judge is clearly a dissapointment to the people of thePhilippines by his stupidity and lack of awareness of local and global flora and fauna extinction.
      He is clearly a dinosaur an d hopefully will become professionally extinct.And yes the moron who commited the said act of killing the bird must be a family freind.
      We livein hope that these idiots cease all said acts of stupidity in the near future-god help the poor eagle.

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