Bukidnon Manobo tribe dance

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BUKIDNON – One of the highlights of every Kaamulan Festival is the ethnic street dancing. There, tourists and locals alike can witness the enchanting dances of the 7 hill tribes of Bukidnon. Usually, there’s also an ethnic dance clinic following the dance competition. One of the ethnic dances of the Bukidnon tribes is the Manobo tribe dance called “Bubudsil.” It’s a dance whereby a wooden pole is used to simulate the pounding of harvested rice.

The Bukidnon Manobo dance is just one of the many dances you will see during the Kaamulan Festival 2013. Come and join the festivities!

Here’s the Bukidnon Kaamulan Festival 2013 schedule of activities

Kaamulan Manobo tribe

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