Bukidnon My Home – Official Binukid version lyrics

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BUKIDNON NEWS | BUKIDNON UPDATES – The Bukidnon My Home – Binukid version. The Bukidnon Hymn – Binukid version was composed by Mr. Prudencio Caterial.

The English version can be found HERE. A provincial resolution was authored by Board Member Atty. Nemesio Beltran, Jr., which requires the singing of the Bukidnon Hymn in all events in the Province of Bukidnon where the national anthem is also sung.

Please see the lyrics of the Binukid version of this official Bukidnon song below (Binukid version of Bukidnon My Home)


(Binukid Version)

Isan pa hindon ah

Lalag ko’g uli ah,

Dini ta Bukidnon

Kanak ha Banuwa


Buntod matatangkaw

Kalasan makupal

Patag ha maluag

Ha Tungkay madagway


Buntoran, balalayan

Basakan, kapatagan

Pastohan, kapinyahan

Alan-alan kauyagan

Langit din pig-lambungan

Pig-aldawan, kalamagan

Singanam, uranan

Alan-alan Kauyagan

(Repeat Kuros)


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