Bukidnon Solid Waste Management Board to be reactivated

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BUKIDNON NEWS | MALAYBALAY NEWS – I just got word from my friend, Bukidnon Second District Board Member Atty. Nemesio “Jun” Beltran that he recently sponsored a provincial resolution calling for the reactivation of the Bukidnon Solid Waste Management Board and its Technical Working Group (TWG).

I must admit that when I first learned about this, I got a bit confused…and very worried at the same time. Who knew that ever since the enactment of ordinance No. 2003-020R on November 25, 2003, the BPSWB has not regularly and officially functioned?

What happened?

dsc_0025As stated in Beltran’s proposal, the Bukidnon Solid Waste Management Board plays a very important role especially on the matter of compliance of controlled disposal of solid waste being converted into sanitary landfills. Landfills and solid waste management are important issues — and I’m disappointed (and again, very worried) to know that the board hasn’t regularly functioned in years!

Anyways, at least now there are moves to reactivate the board. Hopefully, Beltran’s proposal gets the nod right away.

Beltran’s resolution, by the way, is co-sponsored by fellow Bukidnon provincial legislators Glenn P. Peduche and Atty. Roland F. Deticio.

Beltran’s resolution enumerated the functions and responsibilities of the board:

1. Develop a Provincial Solid Waste Management Plan from the submitted Solid Waste Management Plans of the respective city and municipal solid waste management boards created. It shall review and integrate the submitted plans of all its component cities and municipalities and ensure that the various plans complement each other, and have the requisite components. The Provincial Solid Waste Management Plans shall be submitted to the National Solid Waste Management Commission for approval. The Provincial Plan shall reflect the general program of action and initiatives of the provincial government in implementing the solid waste management program that would support the various initiatives of its component cities and municipalities;

2. Provide the necessary logistic and operational support to its component cities and municipalities in consonance with Section 17 of the Local Government Code of 1991;

3. Recommend measures and safeguards against pollution and for the preservation of the natural ecosystem;

4. Recommend measures to generate resources, funding and implementation of projects and activities as specified in duly approved solid waste management plans;

5. Identify areas within its jurisdiction which have common solid waste management problems and are appropriate for planning local solid waste management services in accordance with Section 4 thereto;

6. Coordinate the efforts of the component cities and municipalities in the implementation of the Provincial Solid Waste Management Plan;

7. Develop and appropriate incentive scheme as an integral component of the Provincial Solid Waste Management Plan;

8. Convene joint meetings of the Provincial, City and Municipal Solid Waste Management Board at least every quarter for purposes of integrating, synchronizing, monitoring and evaluating the development and implementation of its provincial solid waste management plan;

9. Represent any of its component cities or municipalities in coordinating its resource and operational requirements with agencies of the national government;

10. Oversee the implementation of the Provincial Solid Waste Management Plan;

11. Review every two (2) years or as the need arises the Provincial Solid Waste Management Plans for purposes of ensuring its sustainability, viability, effectiveness and relevance in relation to local and international development in the field of Solid Waste Management;

12. Allow the clustering of LGU’s for the solution of common Solid Waste Management Plans, and;

13. Oversee and monitor component cities and municipalities in the implementation of controlled disposal of solid waste and conversion thereof into sanitary landfills pursuant to Article 6, Section 37 of RA 9003;”

Meanwhile, the Provincial Solid Waste Management Board is composed of the following:

Chairman: Provincial Governor


1. Congressional Representatives from the three (3) districts within the Province
2. All Mayors of its component cities and municipalities

3. Sangguniang Panlalawigan chairman on Environmental Protection

4. Provincial Health Officer
5. Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer of DENR
6. Environment and Natural Resources Officer of BENRO
7. Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator
8. Provincial Engineer
9. A Representative of the Bukidnon Pollution Control Officers
10. A Representative from the Recycling Industry
11. A Representative from the manufacturing or Packaging Industry
12. Representative from the NGO sector whose principal purpose is to promote recycling of solid waste material and the protection of air and water quality
13. Provincial Caretaker- Department of Trade and Industry
14. A Representative from the Department of Science and Technology
15. A Representative from Academe
16. A Representative from each concerned agency possessing relevant technical and marketing expertise as may be determined by the Board.”

The TWG, on the other hand, is proposed to be composed of the following:

1. The members of the PSWMB will be backed-up by the Technical Working Group that composed of the Technical Staff of the following Offices.

1. Bukidnon Environment and Natural Resources Office (BENRO)

2. Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO)
3. Provincial Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)

4. Sangguniang Panlalawigan Chairman on Environmental Protection
5. Department of Interior and Local Government
6. A Representative from the Academe
7. A Representative from the NGO

The Technical working Group shall carry-out the following functions:

1. Facilitate meetings of the Board

2. Provide technical Assistance in the preparation of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Plan.

3. Review City/ Municipal Ecological Solid Waste Management Plan prior to endorsement and approval of Board
4. Coordinate with other concerned agencies for technical and administrative support need for capacity building
5. Prepare project proposal for local and foreign funding support.

2. The Provincial Solid Waste management Board shall formulate its own internal working rules and procedures.

3. Secretariat Services shall be provided by the Bukidnon Environment and Natural Resources Office (BENRO).

4. The Provincial Government and DENR shall provide technical and administrative support in the conduct of meetings, monitoring, evaluation and fund-sourcing.” (MISA / Bukidnon Online)

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