Bukidnon State University now has a revamped website

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BUKIDNON NEWS | CAMPUS | MALAYBALAY CITY | BUKIDNON UPDATES | BUKIDNON ONLINE – FINALLY! Bukidnon State University, formerly Bukidnon State College, now has a spanking brand new website! Congratulations to the I.T. team of BSU. As I see it, the new website of Bukidnon State University still uses Joomla (Bukidnon Online used to use Joomla but now it uses WordPress).

I’m not too sure if the I.T. team merely customized a pre-existing template (since I can still spot two banner ads at the bottom part of the website…hope they take these ads out before critics start asking where the money goesseriously!) or if the website is totally made from scratch but hey, what’s important is that the official Bukidnon State University website is now up and running, yes?

The new Bukidnon State University website contains all information about the school. From BSU Milestones to vision, mission, goals to academic units to the names of university officials, you can find all those in the new website of Bukidnon State University.

bsu homepage

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  • sorry ha.. no offense.. pero dili ko bow sa new look.. walay impact… especially the header.. and some of the links are still dead.. and dili gaka promote ang school sa website alone.. opinion ko lang po…

  • hi, BSU website is still under renovation, hence, the deadlinks…. thanks for the comments…. by the way there’s no full time web team in BSU… we just do the updating and designing during our free time….

  • Maypag naghilom na lang ka bsu_guy. What are you there for if you’re not doing your job well? Don’t launch a website nga incomplete…tell your bosses!

    I’m an alumnae of BSU (BSC in my time) and I must say nga kataw-anan ang imong “no full time web team” statement. Bukidnon Online is right…isn’t there an I.T. department? I bet BSU is offering I.T. related courses. That means naa moy computer teachers. Don’t tell me nga dili man lang maka-assist ang mga teachers to work on the school website?

    I must also agree nga it’s disappointing to see ads on the website. Since when should a university website have ads?

    I hope this matter can be discussed sa alumni homecoming next week!

  • sana pwede kami maka sign in sa kiosk gamit ang internet para hindi na kami mahihirapan pa. dahil sa dami ng studyante sa unibersidad, marami ang nagugutom sa pagpila para lang tumingin sa kiosk. .hopefully you will heard my concern. thank you

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