Photos: Chowking Malaybalay Bukidnon opens

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MALAYBALAY NEWS | BUKIDNON RESTAURANTS | BUKIDNON – Chowking Malaybalay is finally open. Chowking, a fastfood chain that serves Chinese food, recently opened a Malaybalay City branch. The Chowking Malaybalay Bukidnon branch can be found along Fortich Street, at a new building across Plaza Rizal, several steps away Gaisano Malaybalay.

Chowking Malaybalay is not the first branch in Bukidnon, though. This is the second branch. The first Chowking in Bukidnon was opened at NVM Valencia City.

Bukidnon Online first wrote the news about the opening of Chowking Malaybalay here.

Check out the photos Bukidnon Online took of Chowking Malaybalay:

Chowking Malaybalay Bukidnon

chowking malaybalay bukidnon photo

Wonder which fastfood chain is set to open a branch in Malaybalay City next.

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