Does the Capitol have CCTV cameras?

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So I was chatting with a friend of mine who’s working at the Provincial Government of Bukidnon one day. She then told me something that I found rather amusing. Apparently, a provincial board member has proposed that business establishments such as banks, Internet cafes, restaurants, hotels, schools and other shops install close circuit television cameras or CCTV cameras and that this should be required. I guess Bukidnon board member Jay Albarece, the proponent of such measure, realized that with the number of crimes in Bukidnon, it’s but vital that everyone does his or her share in fighting the baddies.

This made me think, really. While I applaud Board Member Albarece’s proposal (I mean, who in the world does not like any proposal that could help maintain peace and order, right?), it also got me thinking — would the measure include the Capitol as well? Shouldn’t CCTV cameras be installed at the Provincial Government of Bukidnon, too? Or are we just singling out the businessmen here? No, I’m not just talking about keeping the peace and order within the premises of the Capitol.

I’m talking about monitoring the actions of the Capitol employees.

I’m talking about CCTV cameras that could also monitor:

– Capitol employees who SMOKE right inside the office (I deliberately wrote this first because SERIOUSLY this has been happening, is still happening and may continue to happen if nobody puts his or her foot down and really and I mean REALLY reprimand these smokers who are oblivious of others!)
– employees who leave their place of work to do personal errands and will just go back (oftentimes hours later!) to punch their bundy cards in
– regular or casual employees who ask job order employees or interns/OJTs to punch their bundy cards in their behalf
– employees who sleep during office hours
– employees who barely do anything except go on Facebook, Twitter, gossip sites and other websites that barely have anything to do with work

and all the other horror stories you and I have all heard about and perhaps even personally witnessed as well.

Can someone ask board member Albarece this please?

Sure, these may not equate to something as “serious” as hold-ups/theft but aren’t these “crimes” against taxpayers as well?

Just thinking out loud.


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  • Glad you brought this up. The proposed ordinance still has room for amendments. Its still being deliberated by the SP committees. Salamats guys.

    • Hello sir, we’re honored that you visited our humble blog 🙂 Thank you for your comment. We hope that you can also incorporate our humble suggestions. Either way, we’re glad that you proposed such ordinance. Please feel free to contact us should you want the Bukidnon Bloggers Group to meet you. Thank you!

  • I hope my name is not used but my next door neighbor (don’t know his name) works for either Malaybalay City or for Bukidnon Province but is in and out the gate here 6 ~10 times a day and if he is being paid, he most certainly is gone from work a lot. That being said, I like my quiet life here and don’t really need a problem with my neighbors.

    It would, however be nice if there was an anti-noise ordinance keeping the playing of rap music to a minimum. There also is a need to restrict or ban the shooting of all the small birds with pellet guns. This country has killed off virtually all the wildlife for food and killing small birds for sport is simply a sin in my mind.

    • Hey Jerry, who is that next door neighbor of yours? I do not appreciate employees who do personal stuff during office hours. I could understand if it’s an emergency or a matter of life and death but to be gone from work for so long in a day? Very fishy.

      And who the freak are those people shooting small birds with pellet guns?!

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