New fountain at Kaamulan Grounds Malaybalay

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Three years ago, I shared some photos taken at the Kaamulan Grounds in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. A couple of things have changed since then.

Remember that wooden sign that listed the 7 Bukidnon hill tribes? That is now unfortunately gone. Why the government felt there was a need to tear it down is beyond me. Hopefully they’ll place another one – something better – as an alternative.

Anyway, here’s something new at the Kaamulan Grounds. There’s a new fountain right in front of the Bukidnon Tourism Office, just beside the Kaamulan Open Theater.

kaamulan grounds malaybalay bukidnon fountain

kaamulan grounds malaybalay bukidnon fountain

You probably can’t notice clearly but the fountain did function. I’m not sure how much was spent for this fountain (which I think also doubles as a “rotunda” of sorts).

kaamulan grounds malaybalay bukidnon fountain* Photos taken and owned by Bukidnon Online

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