Gaisano Mall Malaybalay City Bukidnon updates – photos inside

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This Bukidnon blogger was out and about in Malaybalay City yesterday and I chanced upon the ongoing construction of the much-anticipated P500 Million Gaisano Mall along Fortich Street. My, how fast time flies! Not too long ago, this area barely had any structures! The Malaybalay Gaisano Mall is currently being erected at the old Belyca Superstore (right beside the Jose Un Building and across the Petron gas station along the city’s main thoroughfare).

The 4-storey Gaisano Mall Malaybalay will reportedly house movie theaters (yipee!), stalls/booths and store spaces available for lease. Gaisano Mall Malaybalay City will also reportedly adopt the same style found in other Gaisano Country Malls in Mindanao where there will be sections for groceries, clothes, shoes, textile etc.

I must admit, however, that I’m excited about the movie theaters! It’s been so darn long since Malaybalay had an operational one. I wonder if one of the theaters will be 3D ready? Hah – wishful thinking 😛 Which reminds me…I hope that the current Malaybalay City branch of Video City doesn’t close shop because of this development!

Anyways, here are the photos that I took yesterday using my LG Arena phone:

gaisanomalaybalay1 gaisanomalaybalay2


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  • may i know kung maganda ba service ng gaisano mall dyan, dito kasi sa amin sa butuan city, ang gaisano mall mabaho ang mga cr, may mga daga ang mga sinehan at mainit hindi malamig sa loob, makuoad din ang mga tindera, ikaw pa ang hahanapan ng sukli, nakakainis talaga ,

  • Mall? mahimo na diay ug mall ang gaisano??? nice. pero murag di mana mall kau kay mas dako pa ang sa valencia pero di man to mall.. IMO lang

    • I think the new gaisano in malaybalay is a mall considering that the budget is 500 million.

      I also work in the mall as building engineer in cebu so i know the estimated amount of the mall.

  • @romel – may mga problema din ang gaisano dito but hopefully, magiging better ang services and amenities nila very soon since eto nga’t bigger na siya

    @john – we checked out the area at the back – naa pay area didto sa likod nga part sa new gaisano mall. the lot beside it also will be part of the new mall so dako dako baya pud

  • hi, im mark, a student from USC College of Architecture..

    i’m concerned with the allowable distance of the building from the national highway… we technically call it ‘setback’ and usually, 3 meters is the minimum distance from the property line to the road… and it seems the building is too close to the road widening zone 🙂

    malaybalay city is my hometown and i believe i’m part of its development.. thank you…

  • i’m sorry.. i mean 3 meters is the minimum distance of the tip of the building from its property line…:) not from property line to the road…:)

  • unlad Malaybalay, remove the corrupt, mas uunlad pa yan!!
    @ mark: your right building is too close to the road.
    may proper planning kaya ito?? I don’t think so!! proper bidding???? pano nag ka permit yan??

  • Its good that Malaybalay has already a mall considering that it is a city. Its a good start for the city so that investors may evaluate whether the city has the potential for business or not.

    I think Malaybalay Government is now starting developing the city for promoting the tourist attraction.


    Taga MALAYBALAY ko BAI!!!

  • im from malaybalay also but bihira lang makauwi dyan spending time abroad, this is a commercial area gaisano mall location it is posible to allow construction of building if the evaluation of building officials is safer for public…local building official is key player on evaluation for contruction of a giant mall along national highway, in building code it is not allowed but theres special consideration for this conflict.

  • its nice nga naa njud big shopping center sa malaybalay pero dili nila ipromote ang uban mga china made products. Barato hinuon and china made pero dali man pud madaut. I observe na daghan diha sa Gaisano Malaybalay.

  • yeah malaybalay has been doing good since 2005. in fact last 2008 the city is the top seven income earner (580million) behind only by davao, zamboanga, CDO, GENSAN, ILIgan and butuan all are highly urnanized cities.

  • good for Bukidnon in terms of more opportunities for work– just hope that the city government will also be up to speed and prepared for the challenges of these urbanization developments,traffic for one…

  • Many of the steel drain grates on the sidewalks are unsafe from either rusting out or from being collapsed by heavy trucks driving on the sidewalks.Perhaps the city government could fix a few of the walking hazards in town.

  • Ukay Ukay is illegal in this country as are pirated DVDs etc. so why are both openly sold on the streets? Many of the offending shops encroach on the sidewalk and we have to walk in the street just to get by.

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