Is the health check at the Alae quarantine station still effective?

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UPDATED (this was first published last September 28, 2011): COMMENTARY | OPINION | MANOLO FORTICH | BUKIDNON – Is the health check at the Alae Manolo Fortich Bukidnon quarantine station still effective? We can’t help but wonder. Which also makes us ask another question — do YOU alight your vehicle when you pass through the quarantine station?

We’ve noticed that passengers of privately owned vehicles are NOT required to alight their vehicles and step on the foot bath. Don’t you think there’s something WRONG with this picture? Why is that? Why require the passengers of public transportation vehicles and not compel those inside private cars?

alae-quarantine* photo taken and owned by Bukidnon Online

Meanwhile, a lot of passengers of public transportation vehicles including buses owned by RTMI do not even bother to alight the bus. Either they pretend to be asleep or hide (!!!) at the back of the bus.

A lot of times, employees of the Provincial Veterinary Office who are stationed at the quarantine office fail to require all the passengers to alight or disembark from the bus. All they can do is REQUEST and we’ve noticed that they barely have any “power” to compel people to disembark the bus.

Do these Veterinary Office employees have the right to reprimand or even SLAP A FINE against someone who does not alight from a public transportation vehicle/bus?

We wonder if the Bukidnon Veterinary Office has EVER SLAPPED A FINE against someone for not following the rules.


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  • The quarantine concept was originally a proposal from ranchers in Bukidnon, wanting to protect their livestocks from foot and mouth desease during the time of Ex-governor Carlitos Fortich who also has had a ranch in Barangay Dabong2x, Valencia City. When Governor Jose Maria Zubiri took the helm of the province, he continued to support the quarantine concept, this time for different reason, not to protect the cows of the ranchers, but to protect its citizenry from virus which might be carried by humans like the birds flu. Other consideration is also the job creation associated with the quarantines which are strategically placed in exit boundaries of the province, four in all: alae, buda, damulog and kalilangan. I think it is not the question whether the project is effect or not. The more relevant question is a political one: How many families would be affected if there are no quarantines? Aside from the usual provincial employees, you have to consider the economic dislocation of people who are selling chitchirias, banana cues, bottled waters.

    • @junbals – Hi! 🙂 But if not everyone naman will be required to alight from the bus, what’s the point? Parang hassle pa tuloy for passengers of public transportation vehicles. It’s as if kasalanan pa ata nila na they can only afford to ride a public vehicle and they’re not aboard a privately owned one. That’s one way I see it. Also, wasn’t there a proposal to move the quarantine station a few months ago because they think Bukidnon does not have any jurisdiction daw? Wonder what happened to that

  • As far as I know, the boundary in alae lies in the middle of the Sayre Highway, facing Cagayan, left-side belongs to Bukidnon and right-side to Cagayan de Oro. The quarantine is on the left-side of the Sayre Highway, so it must belong to Bukidnon. Regarding those private commuters not alighting, i guess the provincial governor ought to be more forceful on this. But in the light of the forthcoming election, such move could be misconstrued to be riding roughshod on the class A voters in Bukidnon.

  • I thought that place was just a CR stop. Most of the passengers never get off the bus at all. Where is the footbath we are supposed to step on anyways? I avoid wet places to step and the word "bath" would make me think there was something wet that I would always avoid. I was taught as a child to avoid stepping in wet things such as puddles and collected moisture.

    • This bus stop has a small building with a sign saying "quarantine station", but whenever anyone is around they are sitting inside watching TV. If they have a job it must be "TV Monitor."

    • The mat where you’re supposed to step on can be found near the public comfort rooms. There’s also another one in front of the stalls. I seriously get pissed off whenever the so-called “health inspector” cannot compel all the bus passengers to alight the vehicle.

  • I have travelled this route for many years now and im still amazed at the concept of this.
    Quarantine is exactly that , EVERYBODY should be made to alight there vechices and de-contaminate. I watch at times people being herded off of buses, some in new shoes just purchased minutes before , while farm vehicals ( cattle , corn , cane ) all coming into Bukidnon from a far more dirtier enviroment are just waved by.Mean while the passengers of the buses have 26 STORES confronting them as well as the mobile vendors. It is only one hour between stops CDO / Sumilao , do we need 26 stores in a Quarantine centre if this is all about stopping diseases in Bukidnon. Can you imagine what the traffic build up would be like if everybody had to stop and everybody spent time shopping ? The two dont go together. This place has now become all about store and vendor sales and has nothing to do with Quarantine.

  • I lived in Malaybalay from January 2011 until January 2014 and every time I came from CDO I got off the bus there to use the CR. Never did I step in the wet mat area because I never want to get my feet wet. At no time did I ever see anyone “manning” the guard shack there and even if everyone DID get off the bus and get their feet wet, the moment they get back on the bus the same germs that were on the floor of the bus jumped back on their feet. It is a useless exercise.

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