Justice for Jasper Santoninio Facebook Page set up

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MALAYBALAY CITY | BUKIDNON NEWS | CRIME | BUKIDNON SCHOOLS – Last November 18, 2010, a young and very promising teacher of Bukidnon State University (BSU) was robbed and brutally murdered. Jasper “Jay” Santoninio, a teacher assigned at the BSU – BAIT department, reportedly fell prey to a ruthless thief. Not only was he robbed, he was also stabbed a total of 12 times.

Now, his friends, family, students and supporters are clamoring for justice offline and online.

Through the power of the information superhighway, a Facebook Page has been set up for 3 reasons. According to the creators of the said page, the “Justice for Sir Jay” page was created for:

(1) To honor our friend’s passing – Jay Jasper “Sir Jay” Santoninio; (2) To seek swift justice for his brutal death; and (3) To bang the doors of our authorities and demand from them the “Malaybalay” that we Malaybalaynons/Bukidnons used to know.

You may find the page here.

Creators of the “Justice for Jay’ page are also asking people to wear a statement shirt and to attend a wake memorial service. You may find the details at the page.

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  • How big is Malaybalay City? This incident is a slap on Malaybalay police? Padaku-ay na lang ta ug tiyan ani??
    mag hulat ug mga vigilante?

  • What is happening in Malaybalay? Until now, wa pa jud nasulbad ang mga tulis sa Aglayan-bangcud-Simaya areas. Then the killings.

    Murag wa man gibuhat ang mayor diha… mas maayo pa kaniadtong si Mayor Galario pa ang mayor sa Valencia kay apil ang Malaybalay area kay peaceful pa. Mayor Zubiri, dili lang unta sa pagpanangtang ug employees ka maayo. do your job please…

      • Carnapping sa motorcycle, road robbery victimizing a lot of rice buyers within Aglayan to Simaya road, robbery sa mga tindahan sa bangcud and Sto. Nino area and more.

        Ang grabe jud kay ang carnap sa motor sa Bangcud area espcially kadtong bag-o na mga motors. Isog kaayo ang mga carnappers kay they do it in broad daylight and also bisan daghan pa tao. Naa gani to one time na ang tag-iya sa motor midagan na sa may internet cafe dapit but the carnappers pursued him and got his motorcycle. Naa pud instance na gipusil nila ang gamotor kay dili niya ihatag (sa MADE farm dapit nahitabo).

        About sa tulis sa Simaya-Agalayan, daghan na nahitabo pud. Naa to canvasser na gitulis sa Aglayan dapit after siya nakakobra bayad sa humay. Then another one happened in Simaya when a rice buyer went there to but rice pero gi-atangan siya sa road pasulod sa Prk 6 where naa didto ang paliton unta niya na rice. Naa pay uban but I can’t give the details now. Sa duha ka tulis akong na-mention, moabot ug 150,000 ang nakawat. I am not sure if na-report ba sa pulis kay nahadlok man ang victims.

        In Sto. Nino, sa grocery nila ni Pamakid and gitulis. Looy kaayo ang tigulang. Sa Bangcud, ang latest yata is ang tulis sa Edith Eatery. Naa pay daghan nanghitabo and to this day, padayon pa sila and walay nabuhat and ato gobyerno diha.

      • Additional incidents:

        Apil pa ang mga collector sa lending gipangtulis pud. Then a husband and wife (bangcud to Nabag-o area) gitulis (not quite sure if gipatay ba toa).

        Ang isa nga looy pud kay isa ka tigulang dapit sa Aglayan nahitabo, mo-kompra unta siya sa iya paninda but gi-hold-up. Naghilak intawon ang tigulang looy kaayo.

        These incidents happened in the past 3 to 5 months lang. I just don’t know about the new incidents, dugay naman ko wa kaadto didto.

  • I’ve heard the news about the death of Mr. Santoninio. I wished the author included more “news” in this article or more details on the death of the aforementioned.

    I’m still in the dark as to the details.

    • @TheLastTemplars – he was robbed, stabbed 12 times and left for dead. Nov. 19, 2010. No suspects have been named yet but the police say they’re now 80 percent done with the investigation. It’s all in an entry here in BukidnonOnline.com

  • ATTENTION Chief of Police, Malaybalay City

    To Chief Erwin Meneses,

    Dear Sir,

    I am a concerned citizen, tubong Malaybalay. Grew up with some of those people whose lives were lost due to some senseless killings.Experienced not so long ago, death of a relative, whose demise is still unsolved until now.I can emphatize with the family and friends of Jasper; what injustice they are feeling now, the anger, someone to blame and to put that criminal behind bars so justice will be served. I felt those too. How much more the father, mother and siblings of Jasper? Im sure its magnified 100times.

    Malaybalay City for sure is NOT SAFE anymore. Should we put the blame on it becoming a city with its attendant surge of population growth, along with it, the crimes becoming more heinous? Should we blame the parents, the community, the victims themselves? WHO IS ACCOUNTABLE for these crimes?

    Even I, myself cant answer that question. But one thing for sure, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE to stop these crimes and to bring to justice those criminals? My answer, IT’S YOU, being the Chief of Police.

    Please tell us, how many policemen are employed under the City of Malaybalay and what is the ideal number of policemen in a city with a population of 144,065 as of 2007? Correct me if I’m wrong, you only have 60plus policemen when in fact, the standard police-to-population ratio in the Phils. is at least 1 police/500 individuals (according to RA 6975 known as the Dept of Local Govt Act of 1990). You need at least 288 policemen in the city!

    How can 60plus policemen be visible in the City, so those bad elements of the society will have second thoughts of committing crimes upon seeing those impressive uniforms?? Physically impossible! How can you effectively serve Malaybalay City with only this handful of staff?

    Do tell us, from the time Malaybalay has become a city, how many crimes were reported. How many were solved and remains unsolved until this day? Which comes to mind the security of Kaamulan Park. It has become a “killing field” not safe anymore even at day time.As I was growing up, Kaamulan Park is where we proudly bring our visitors. Now, its sad to say, it has become a “killing field”! WHAT A WASTE and WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MAKE IT SAFE AGAIN??

    So, Mr Chief Policeman, sir, can you please update the people of the City of Malaybalay the questions I raised? It is our basic right to feel secure and safe to live in a place where we grew up, make our living, raise our families and paid our taxes. May I suggest you make a website for Malaybalay City PNP where we can follow the cases and lodge our complaints?

    To the family of Jasper, my deepest sympathy.

    To those who are concerned enough to express their opinions, let us not rest until justice is served. Think of ways which you can protect your children, families and community.

    Let us demand that more qualified policemen will be hired for our City.WE ARE WITHIN OUR RIGHTS.

    Taken from the letter forwarded to us, who grew up in Malaybalay.

    • @Ariam – thank you. We already included this in a recent BukidnonOnline.com article. It’s written by Janet Molina, the same doctor who alerted the government officials about the dengue cases in Bukidnon

  • Jasper is the son of my Brother( GAPHO) and it made me very sad knowing that he passed away just like that, those guesome criminals should pay. I cannot blame the family, relatives, and friends if they have remorse with the authorities, because if the PNP had difficulties effecting the warrant of arrest with estafa case and the accused is just roaming freely because the husband is a Colonel in the PNP, how much more solving a murder case.
    My deepest sympathy to the bereaved family of Jasper, may his soul rest in Peace with our creator.

  • Safety and security of the Malaybalay citizens is not the priority of the city government. The tax people’s money goes to non-sense infrastructure projects where they can have kickbacks, travel junkets and salaries of non-performing contractual employees.

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