UPDATED: Kaamulan Festival 2013 Bukidnon Schedule of Activities

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THIS IS THE FINAL AND UPDATED KAAMULAN FESTIVAL 2013 SCHEDULE! — The Kaamulan Festival 2013 fever is finally here! The 2013 Bukidnon Kaamulan Festival is inarguably the biggest festival in the entire Province of Bukidnon. Bukidnon Online first shared the news about Kaamulan 2013 a few days ago. Now, we have more updates for all of you, dear readers, including an UPDATED and FINAL Kaamulan Festival 2013 Schedule!

The Bukidnon Kaamulan Festival 2013 theme is: “Sustaining Culture and Unity Towards Progress and Development

But before I proceed, here’s a little bit of trivia for you: Did you know that this Bukidnon festival called the Kaamulan Festival was called “the only authentic ethnic festival in the Philippines” by a former Tourism Secretary? (and Bukidnon Online was the VERY FIRST to break this story online! Even government agencies, news wires and the secretary himself lauded this Bukidnon news blog!)

The Kaamulan Festival is the Bukidnon festival that everyone looks forward to every year. It is a gathering of Bukidnon’s 7 hill tribes namely Bukidnon, Tigwahanon, Umayamnon, Manobo, Higaonon, Talaandig and Matigsalug.

Bukidnon Online was not able to cover the Kaamulan Festival 2012, unfortunately. This Bukidnon blogger was in the United States of America as an official fellow of a U.S. Department of State-sponsored leadership program for US Embassy-nominated emerging global leaders. Hence, one cannot apply for it – the U.S. government has to choose you.

Anyways, hopefully Bukidnon Online as well as other members of the Bukidnon Bloggers and Social Media Club can cover the Kaamulan Festival 2013. There will be a blogging, social media workcamp on February 2013 so if you’re interested to learn the ins and outs of web blogging and responsible use of social media platforms, join the Bukidnon Bloggers and Social Media Club (<– click!) today. You can also send an email to bukidnononline (at) gmail (dot) com if you wish to participate or sponsor.

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Bukidnon Kaamulan Festival 2013 Schedule of Activities

February 18, 2013

– Soft opening of Kaamulan Festival 2013 at Malaybalay City, Bukidnon (the capital of the province)
– Soft opening of Garden Show, Agri Fair, Livestock and Poultry Show, Kaamulan Bazaar, Food Fest (these activities will run through March 10, 2013). There will also be a photo exhibit and contest.

February 22, 2013

– Grand opening of Kaamulan Festival 2013

– 6 AM – Kaamulan Hu Pangampu (tribal prayer), Kaamulan Grounds

– School band parade and motorcade (to be participated in by sponsors)
– Ribbon Cutting, Rotary Park, 10 AM, Capitol Grounds
– School band competition, 10:30 AM, Capitol Grounds

February 23, 2013

– Indigenous Peoples Week Celebration
– Tree Planting and Climb
– Provincial IP Thanksgiving Day on February 25
– Tribal Wedding on February 26
– Tribal Olympics on February 27 to March 1

– Kaamulan Hu Pamukalag Daw Panalawahig, Capitol Grounds, 8 AM

February 24, 2013

– Flowerhorn Fish Show (this will run until March 2, 2013), Capitol Grounds
– Bukidnon Seven Ethnic Groups Convention (Bunsuda daw Bigula hu kag Dapita) on February 23 and 24

February 25, 2013

– Continuation of Garden Show, Agri Fair, Livestock and Poultry Show, Kaamulan Bazaar, Food Fest (these activities will run through March 10, 2013)
– Continuation of the Tribal Convention (Bunsuda daw Bigula hu kag Dapita)

February 26, 2013

– Kaamulan Ethno-Cultural Festival, Capitol Stage, 6 PM

February 27, 2013

– Tribal Mass Wedding (Kaamulan Kagsalu Saluugana), Kaamulan Folk Arts Theater, 8 AM
– Kaamulan Ethno-Cultural Festival, Capitol Stage, 6 PM

February 28, 2013

– Kaamulan Ethnic Sports (Alu-alu), Capitol Grounds, 8 AM
– 2013 Kaamulan Rodeo Opening (Grandstand Area)

March 1, 2013

– Kaamulan Ethnic Sports (Alu-alu), Capitol Grounds, 8 AM
– Piniliyapan (a night of Bukidnon songs and music, Kaamulan Folk Arts Theater), 7 PM

March 2, 2013

– A “pamuhat” or Pamukalag ha pamuhat ta Kaamulan will be held at the Capitol Grounds and at Sumpong area, 4 AM
Kaamulan 2013 Ethnic Street Dancing Competition (along Fortich Street, Malaybalay City – the main thoroughfare. There will also be a ground presentation at the Capitol Grounds. Find a good spot along Fortich Street early! Don’t forget to wear light clothes and wear a hat or cap as much as possible. Bring food and water also since most, if not all, stores along Fortich Street will be closed.

Participating cities and municipalities: (Kaamulan Festival 2013 Ethnic Street Dancing Contest)

Malaybalay City
Valencia City
Don Carlos

– Opening of the 2013 Kaamulan Kaamulan Rodeo, Grandstand, 1 PM
– Dance Clinic (learn how to dance the various Bukidnon tribes dances!), 2 PM, Capitol Grounds
– Musical concert, Capitol Stage, 7 PM
– Fireworks Display

March 3, 2013

– Kaamulan Festival 2013 Wall Climb Competition, Kaamulan Grounds, 8 AM
– 3rd Gov. Alex Calingasan Moto Trail Challenge, Kaamulan Grounds, 8 AM
– Kaamulan Ethno Cultural Race, Capitol Grounds, 2 PM
– Rodeo Night (this is where Bukidnon cowboys and cowgirls assemble around a bonfire etc.), Grandstand, 7 PM

March 4, 2013

– Continuation of bazaar, food fest, livestock show etc and the moto trail challenge
– Tribal Music and Modern Kaamulan Tattoo Contest, Kaamulan Folk Arts Theater, 1 PM

March 5, 2013

– Kaamulan Chess Tournament, Bukidnon State University, 8 AM

March 6, 2013

– Laga Ta Bukidnon 2013 (Binibining Bukidnon 2013 pageant), Kaamulan Open Theater, 7 PM

March 7, 2013

– Musical concert, Capitol Stage, 7 PM

March 8, 2013

– Women’s Summit, Kaamulan Open Theater, 8 AM

March 9, 2013

– Coronation of Bb. Bukidnon 2013 (Kaamulan Folk Arts Theater), 7 PM

March 10, 2013

– Musical concert, Capitol Stage, 7 PM

March 14, 2013

– Opening of the Kaamulan Motocross Competition, Grandstand, 8 AM

March 15, 2013

– Motocross finals

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