The Malaybalay to Gingoog national highway

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This isn’t exactly fresh news since construction of the most-awaited Php 5 Billion Gingoog to Malaybalay National Highway is now underway. However, we here at Bukidnon Online are curious if the Malaybalay to Gingoog road is about to be finished or has the road project been stopped.

Anyway, Gingoog Mayor Marie Guingona, via a video posted on her page, first shared the news about this national highway before the most recent national elections. Guingona is optimistic (and so are we!) that once completed, the Php 5 Billion road will bring more economic development to both cities.

The Malaybalay to Gingoog highway is said to pass from Barangay Santiago through Barangays Libon, Lawit, Libertad, Bal-ason, Hindangon and Eureka. Currently, travelers from Malaybalay need to go to Cagayan de Oro first to catch a bus headed to Gingoog.

Mayor Guingona’s video can be found here.

malaybalay gingoog highway

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One thought on “The Malaybalay to Gingoog national highway

  • How many hectares of old growth forest will be destroyed, cut, bulldozed to give way to this development highway? How many hectares of carbon sink will be cleared – supposedly forests that would absorb carbon from atmosphere? And what is the cost of biodiversity loss? Implications to IP communities in these areas – are there sacred areas and traditional livelihoods affected by these development highway? If none, if significantly none, then go ahead with the rod construction.

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