Man, woman shot at Capitol Grounds in Malaybalay City

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MALAYBALAY CITY | CRIME | BUKIDNON | BUKIDNON NEWS | MALAYBALAY CITY NEWS – This incident really begs the question…is the Capitol Grounds in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon really still a safe place?

Last December 5, 2009, a man and a woman became the recent victims of a crime. Let’s just hide their real names and merely identify the guy as 26 year old Pedro, married, and a resident of Malaybalay City. The woman, on the other hand, is a 21 year old single lady and a resident of Valencia City. Let’s call her Maria. We’re not sure of their real relationship and we also need to protect them (for fear that suspects may strike again) so best if we just hide their identities for now.

What’s important is to know if we can still consider the Capitol Grounds a safe place and what the authorities are doing to ensure the public’s safety while at the area.

Remember, before we know it, it’s the Kaamulan Festival once again. How can we guarantee the safety of our guests here in Bukidnon?

Police reports state that Pedro and Maria were sitting on a concrete bench at the Capitol Grounds when two persons approached them and wielded a .45 caliber pistol. Maria reportedly tried to grab the pistol. The suspects shot her. Pedro was shot next.

Pedro died of gunshot wounds while Maria had to undergo surgery.

So now I can’t help but ask — are we still safe? How are we kept safe?

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  • Governor Zubiri, what are you doing about this? There are bad elements living around the capitol grounds since Gov. Zubiri tolerates squatting in these areas. I am not saying that all squatters are bad, but some of the bad elements come from these squatter areas. I hope he will do something about this !

  • Gov Zubiri has really done nothing to protect the life of the people of Bukidnon. Iyang kaugalingon na interest lang ang iyang preteksiyunan! Luoy kaayo ang katawhan sa Bukidon !

  • Gov Zubiri has really done nothing to protect the life of the people of Bukidnon. Iyang kaugalingon na interest lang ang iyang proteksiyunan! Luoy kaayo ang katawhan sa Bukidon !

  • It is the failure of Gov. Zubiri not to protect the people of Bukidnon. Iya lang kaugalingon na interest ang iyang proteksiyunan! luoy ang Bukidnon tungod kay wala ang kasing kasing ni Zubiri sa katawhan!

  • Sigurado gyud na pag abot sa Kaamulan daghan na sab patay diha sa Capitol Grounds pero di lang gaipahibalo sa katawhan! Unsaon taman nga gapamugas raman ug boto pirmi ato mga politiko! Daghan tay mga tsada na tourist attractions diri sa Bukidnon pero asa ra man ta? wa man ta gidungog tawon sa pilipinas sa ato mga attractions! unsaon taman lagi kay ang ato mga lideres diha sa capitol sigi raman ug pamugas aron makakuha ug boto!

  • @jun balansag
    you had a wrong argument-” di na magdate….”. It’s not the fault of those who dates in the capitol. The provincial government MUST increase the security in the capitol. You can not stop the people from dating in the capitol grounds. How about if somebody get killed in the market- you’ll advise us not to go to market anymore?…..

  • @jun balansag
    you made a wrong opinion-” di na lang magdate…”. You can stop the people from dating at the capitol grounds. Instead the provincial government MUST increase its security ! If somebody is killed in the market- di na lang mi mag-merkado? or if somebody is killed inside the church-di na lang mi magsimba? sugyot ka?

  • @jun balansag: its not a bad idea kung mag date ug gabii sa kaamulan (i used to do that way back colleged hehe), although we should also consider nga gabii na dapat man jud dili nag mag sigi lakaw2x, the thing jud here is that, when you rate the security parameters in capitol grounds, kung 10 ang highest unya 1 ang lowest, 1 jud. Take for the fact nga walay mga suga, walay security guards or even ga roving nga mga pulis kay toa ra tanan didto sa laurels og sa plateau dapit and uban naa pod sa dapit sa pegasus (not to mention ang uban nakig shot pud sa mga college boys). Yeah nindot jud ang bukidnon entirely mas nindot pa xa sa baguio, kinahanglan lang guru ta ug gamay nga action para mulambo atong province.

  • There is no budget for security of the capitol grounds because the money of the people went to the pocket of corrupt officials and big bonuses of the employees ( 80,000 pesos per provincial employee last Christmas?)

  • Lets hope and pray that God will save us from the tyranny and bondage of corrupt and immoral officials lead by Zubiri. As long as he is there in the provincial capitol, there will be no progress and development in Bukidnon!

  • Ngano? Wala ba diay mo kabalo na rampant ang mga gang2 sa malaybalay? Adto mo dapit sa sulod sa kasisang ug uban dapit diba daghan kaayo maghithit ug marijuana dha. Tan awon pud unta na sa gobyerno ug mga kapulisan ba.

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