Miss Bukidnon Centennial mother being harassed?

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The mother of Laga Ta Bukidnon 2014 or Miss Bukidnon Centennial Mara Luz Smith, Luisa Gadon Mozar, said that two unidentified men went to her house last October 21, 2014. The two men, whom she described as “suspicious looking,” allegedly brought along with them an “endorsement” from Capitol.

The following is Mozar’s narration, printed verbatim:

Today Oct.21 , 2014 at 11:40AM two unidentified suspicious looking men came to our gate shouting that they are bringing ENDORSEMENT from the Province. Thinking it was some letter or documents I told them to get inside the gate an done of them commented “ makalakaw na man diay ka”… then one said that they are conducting a survey regarding me since I was hospitalized in the Provincial Hospital due to stroke and paralysis. I told them who authorized you to conduct such survey when it is a hoax for I was never hospitalized in that hospital and I added… “makamatay man kana na hospital… na dili gyud ko magpahospital didto”…. Then one of them asked if I am Louisa Mosar as they showed me the name in the notebook.. I said then its not me cause my name is different from that. They left hurriedly and I failed to see the plate number as the riding in tandem on the motorbike left ….

I immediately reported this incident at the Barangay Level requesting for more tanods to roam near my residence . Also I reported the incident at the Malaybalay City Police Station and they gave me their hotline number to call them for any suspicious looking people around at any time. I also reported the incident at the WOmens DESk for record purposes only . And now I am reporting this to JESUS my Savior to send forth more GUARDIAN ANGELS led by St. Michael the ARCHANGEL to watch our family and I asked Mama Mary to cover us all with the mantle of protection… and I asked ABBA FATHER through JESUS CHRIST withe the Sanctification of the Holy Spirit to bless us always… Thanks for all your prayer support…. pls post AMEN if you pray for us.. thank you..


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One thought on “Miss Bukidnon Centennial mother being harassed?

  • I actually have 2 comments. First, the young lady who won the pageant is a Filipino because her mother is Filipino, so what justification is there for her to be stripped because of the nationality of her father? When any half or even remotely part Filipino wins or is prominent in any talent or beauty contest outside The Philippines, that person gets reams of coverage and all claims of Filipinoness are exaggerated to the point where one would never know the person is of mixed heritage. This occurs even if the person being talked about has never set foot in The Philippines. Immediately Jessica Sanchez comes to mind. She is of Mexican and Filipino heritage and before she competed in some singing contest she had never visited The Philippines from her birth place in America. She is American by birth and would only be Filipino if she or her mother did the necessary paperwork for her to regain her Philippine citizenship.

    My second comment is for the “Christians” out there. This woman is “reporting” to God and Jesus the fact that 2 men came to her house and harassed her this October. If there is an all knowing God, why does she need to “report” anything? Her incident was known to God as it happened and even before it happened.

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