On the Gaisano wet market issue: Should the Malaybalay City government issue a permit?

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MALAYBALAY CITY | BUKIDNON ONLINE | BUKIDNON NEWS | COMMENTARY – So apparently one of the things that a lot of Malaybalay City residents are talking about these days is the fact that Gaisano Malaybalay – that Php 500 Million project that’s also responsible for generating hundreds of jobs in the City of Malaybalay – does not have a wet market. There’s even a statement from an anonymous social networking website user that claims:

The City Government of Malaybalay have disapproved the application of Gaisano Mall to operate a wet market. This decision is an upfront to huge investments poured by Gaisano in the City. The disapproval reflects the influence of Vice Mayor Aldeguer and Kag. (Medardo) Estaniel in the Sangguniang Panglungsod of the City of Malaybalay, which operate their own Wet Market at Brgy. 5, Malaybalay City….

Not sure if that allegation is true but what do YOU think?

Please share your comments below. Thanks!

p.s. UPDATE: sources told Bukidnon Online that Gaisano’s application for a permit to operate a wet market was already denied even at the committee level. Sources said that the proposal no longer reached the plenary. We still have to verify these, though.

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  • Oh that’s why! My question each time I visit Gaisano Malaybalay has been this: why are they taking so long to have a wet market?! I can see fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, but meat and fish are nowhere to be seen. The City Government must explain why they have disapproved the wet market. Having it in one place with the groceries is a convenience they should not deprive the residents of the City to suit some people’s business interests. No politics like that in Bukidnon please!

    • Hi Sandy, thank you for your comment! I hope Mayor Zubiri releases an official statement soon. Although I think his contention is that wala na daw dayon buyers ang small meat vendors. It would be weird, though, if Gaisano Malaybalay lang ang walang wet market. All other Gaisano stores have eh

  • should be disapproved for a while, kase mingaw na ang palengke sa malaybalay parang indi palengke kase walang tao masyado, dapat gawan ng city government na mapatao yan, kase ang public market kelangan bagsakan ng tao yan o puntahan ng maraming tao kase andyan ang murang bilihin which is good for low income residence of malaybalay…city planning di ba nla alam pano discarte nya, kung indi dapat alamin nila yun na indi maganda ang location ng public market dyan thanks!!!!

  • we should launch a text campaign against this politicians who are kawatan na sa bayan, mag buot pa nga sa ila ra tindahan mag palit! lihok malaybalay ga tanga lang ta! kini mga tao ni aldeguer ang mga abusar na kaayo! driver ni niko aldeguer maka padagan murag iya ang dalan! mga staff ni vice kung muadto ka sa SP wa na gani ga buhaton mga strikta pa kaayo! unsa manang HR head dha sa city? d ka disiplina sa mga empleyado?! naa py amor og ranier makita na ninyo maski asa pro ga sweldo kada adlaw sa city with over time og per diems pa! unya karon wa ge aprobahan ang wet market ky maapektonhan ila negosyo! bnuang naman kini! pro once again kung walay mo lihok sa ato wala ra gyapon mahitabo! ako nag reklamo na sa civil service regarding those bastard people sayop mani ila gabuhataon! lihok malaybalay d kita magpa pildi ani mga langyaw nga daotan ang tumong!

  • Noel! sakto ka brod.. kanang mga aldeguer ba abusado na lagi kau na! utro pd ng niko! murag hari sa malaybalay..!!!! pati wet market????? klaro kau kinsa gapangusog!! na anticipate na nato na ma down ila negosyo kung mag open ug wet market ang gaisano!! tagna pa lagi! usa sa mo reklamo ang mga aldeguer!!! grabe ka sigurista!! naa pay rason na wlai klaro.. para lugar give chance sa small meat vendors?? grabhe ka mubo na rason!!.. ayaw ra gud mo pataka ug tuyok dha! ..

  • bukidnon online sorry but im not sure kung pwede ba nko mapakita sa inyo ang formal complaint. nganu man gud gipang botaran na ninyo cla adto mi agi nga eleksyon tanawa gihangol nila ang dapat para sa mga malaybalaynons! wa mana sila paki ky mga langyaw man lang na cla dri! sayang kung ang ako vote worth pila ka thousand then ill surely vote sa iya kalaban that time! mao na karon kalot sa ulo na lang ta taman ani! lihok pud mo oi mga bayot man tingali mo!

  • i’m not sure if this is the right page for this comment.
    I went shopping at Gaisano groceries this morning and this cashier in counter 1 was chatting to her fellow employee while I was already in front of her ready to pay. I told her to do her work first then chat later but she gave me this frowning face it seems that I was the one who’s wrong.

    Gaisano Malaybalay has the POOREST costumer service. The employees are lacking knowledge on how to relate to their customers.

    The worst thing about Gaisano Malaybalay is when cashiers tell you to wait for your change. My goodness!!! Gaisano incharge, why can’t you provide your cashiers enough small bills for change??

    You are already GAISANO MALL MALAYBALAY, can you improve your services???!!!

    One more thing, you need to let your cashiers undergo a seminar on how to be polite and not to let the customers hear what they’re chatting about. I even heard this cashier swear this morning because she was angry on something.

    Gaisano Mall Malaybalay, I say this again, you need to improve your customers service…..it’s very very poor.

    • Hi Karen, believe us, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We have persistently complained about the poor service over at Gaisano Malaybalay — even before pa sila naging “mall.” This problem has persisted for YEARS. Suppose the Gaisano management does not give a crap because they know the people in Malaybalay do not have any other choice.

  • Just today I asked the manager of Gaisano's why they do not sell beef and pork and they said, "the mayor does not permit it." So I went to City Hall and spoke to the mayor of Malaybalay. First he said that he did not want to harm the public market vendors. He got angry when I said it is Marketing 101 that a business thrives on competition and that the public market vendors need to have a competitive product if they don't want me to travel to CDO to spend my grocery money. He said, "Don't tell me how to run MY town." He then told me "leave my office." Since when exactly does a mayor own any town?

    The next time someone talks about "arrogant Americans" or "arrogant foreigners" I will just refer them to the Mayor of Malaybalay for a whole new perspective on the word "arrogant." I have just seen someone set a new standard for the word.

    • @Jerry, you are messing with a business. Many families in smaller towns own the town via the mayor and vic mayors office. They occupy and have occupied the positions for years and get rich in the process. The wet market that has the monopoly may very well belong to the family who generates income from the vendor rent and may price the rent based on the revenue of each vendor. So competition will reduce income. Going up against him has marked you as a trouble maker in his town and in particular, now if others take a stand as it appears may happen on the link you provided. You will be blamed and may suffer the consequences. What you did was not wise.

      • Today, just before noon is when it happened. Never in all my life have been treated so rudely by an elected public official. In many places government bureaucrats are rude simply because they cannot be fired. I have offspring who are citizens of this country and I speak for them because they are too young to speak for themselves. Of course there will come a time when I will be able to influence how they think, speak and possibly vote.

    • Those other replies predate my post by months. See the very next one. Sandy says:
      September 15, 2011 at 12:44 pm
      Bukidnon Online says:
      September 27, 2011 at 10:46 pm
      Almost a year ago those posts were made.

  • I wish Gaisano’s would go out of business and allow a competent retailer operate a mall. Then maybe we could buy or ground meats in the supermarket rather than travelling all the way to Cagayan de Oro just for basic foods.

    When on earth is this website EVER going to fix itself so we can correct spelling errors?

      • Thank you for that. My typing is suspect so I try to go back and edit for spelling and grammar so my thoughts at least indicate I have some level of education. Poor spelling and/or grammar are the marks of low intelligence, poor education or just plain inattention.

  • I am glad that we are now progressing, however it takes 5 years to achieve for what has been planned. There so many things to tackle when it comes to business. We should not blame it to one person only, do think of the GAISANO MANAGEMENT , the POLITICAL LEADERS and US , the GOVERNMENT. If we want this to be fixed then let us set an open forum so that every people involved can explain and to be understood.

  • Election day is at hand so will you voters reelect the mayor who forbids meat sales. elect the vice-mayor who owns a meat market, a third person I know nothing about, or just demand change? Hopefully nobody who had to resign his post before he could be convicted of election fraud will be elected to national office.

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