Online folks hit Malaybalay police chief, city government for “lack of security”

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BUKIDNON NEWS | MALAYBALAY CITY | CRIME – First it was Joseph Rodrigo de Villa who was killed last March 24, 2010. Fast forward a few months later and after several crimes (not only within city limits but at the Simaya-Bangcud-Aglayan areas, too), a big piece of news exploded and shocked the residents of Malaybalay City. Jay Jasper Sto. Nino or Jay Santoninio (also known as “Blue Jay Crawford” in a popular social networking site), a young and promising teacher assigned at the BAIT Department of Bukidnon State University, was stabbed 12 times, robbed and left to die.

Suddenly, a different kind of fear and worry ran through the City of Malaybalay. And only two questions plagued them: “Where is the OLD MALAYBALAY? And will Malaybalay residents ever feel safe again?”

Santoninio, who died a gruesome and senseless death last November 19, 2010, was a well-loved teacher and friend. A Facebook Page called “Justice For Sir Jay” was even set up recently.

Now, the public, through the Internet, is drumming up not only the City Government of Malaybalay but most importantly, the Chief of Police, Malaybalay Police Superintendent Erwin Meneses.

A reader, Ariam, alerted us with this note from Janet Molina, a Malaybalay City native:

ATTENTION Chief of Police, Malaybalay City

To Chief Erwin Meneses,

Dear Sir,

I am a concerned citizen, tubong Malaybalay. Grew up with some of those people whose lives were lost due to some senseless killings.Experienced not so long ago, death of a relative, whose demise is still unsolved until now.I can emphatize with the family and friends of Jasper; what injustice they are feeling now, the anger, someone to blame and to put that criminal behind bars so justice will be served. I felt those too. How much more the father, mother and siblings of Jasper? Im sure its magnified 100times.

Malaybalay City for sure is NOT SAFE anymore. Should we put the blame on it becoming a city with its attendant surge of population growth, along with it, the crimes becoming more heinous? Should we blame the parents, the community, the victims themselves? WHO IS ACCOUNTABLE for these crimes?

Even I, myself cant answer that question. But one thing for sure, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE to stop these crimes and to bring to justice those criminals? My answer, IT’S YOU, being the Chief of Police.

Please tell us, how many policemen are employed under the City of Malaybalay and what is the ideal number of policemen in a city with a population of 144,065 as of 2007? Correct me if I’m wrong, you only have 60plus policemen when in fact, the standard police-to-population ratio in the Phils. is at least 1 police/500 individuals (according to RA 6975 known as the Dept of Local Govt Act of 1990). You need at least 288 policemen in the city!

How can 60plus policemen be visible in the City, so those bad elements of the society will have second thoughts of committing crimes upon seeing those impressive uniforms?? Physically impossible! How can you effectively serve Malaybalay City with only this handful of staff?

Do tell us, from the time Malaybalay has become a city, how many crimes were reported. How many were solved and remains unsolved until this day? Which comes to mind the security of Kaamulan Park. It has become a “killing field” not safe anymore even at day time.As I was growing up, Kaamulan Park is where we proudly bring our visitors. Now, its sad to say, it has become a “killing field”! WHAT A WASTE and WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MAKE IT SAFE AGAIN??

So, Mr Chief Policeman, sir, can you please update the people of the City of Malaybalay the questions I raised? It is our basic right to feel secure and safe to live in a place where we grew up, make our living, raise our families and paid our taxes. May I suggest you make a website for Malaybalay City PNP where we can follow the cases and lodge our complaints?

To the family of Jasper, my deepest sympathy.

To those who are concerned enough to express their opinions, let us not rest until justice is served. Think of ways which you can protect your children, families and community.

Let us demand that more qualified policemen will be hired for our City.WE ARE WITHIN OUR RIGHTS.

Taken from the letter forwarded to us, who grew up in Malaybalay.

A video has also been created to constantly remind the government and the local police of their responsibility to protect the residents of Bukidnon’s capital:

As of recent, the local police claims that their investigation is allegedly 80 percent done. No suspects have been named as of yet. will try to contact Malaybalay City Mayor Ignacio Zubiri and see what he has to say.


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  • I am very happy that the killer of Jasper is now in Malaybalay Police Station, i just received the news from my friend in uniform.
    A big toast to that.. Good Job Sir Meneses…

  • This is just outrageous………… but it’s good to know that everyone’s fired up to see how our home’s peace and order will change.

  • It is good that you mention here the incidents happened in the Aglayan-Simaya-BAngcud areas. I requesting you to please have a deeper insights of what happened there. This could be your help to the people of that area.

    Robberies are happening in Aglayan-Simaya roads. But there are also news about robberies in the inner areas but rampant sa Aglayan-Simaya.

    In Bangcud carnapping of motorcycles and rampant. They even killed one in MADE farm dapit when the rider refused to give his motorcycle. Please try to ask even the ordinary people there, they know the incidents.

    I hope you will help us (I am not living there anymore but I still have a lot of friends and relatives living in that area).

    Thank you and more power.

  • It is very clear that peace and order is not the priority of the city government !

    Since Malaylabay became a city, the budget had increased tremendously, but unfortunately very less money or none has been alloted to improve the peace and order of the city. The city government’s priority are infrastructure projects where they can have kickbacks !

    Also, just look at the facebook accounts of city government employees, you can see all their junket travels in Manila, Cebu, Davao and even Boracay at the expense of tax people’s money. Money that should have been used to hire more qualified policemen !

    The city government is also bloated with many non-performing staff who are friends and relatives of politicians. The tax money spent for this non-performing assets amounted to millions of pesos every month ! Again, money that should have been spent to improve peace and order in the city.

    I pity Malaybalay ! The blood of these victims are in the hands of government officials who do nothing but to advance their self interests !

    • @Robert Galamiton – come to think of it, it’s bothersome gyud to see these Facebook accounts of local officials and/or employees full of photos taken during their so-called “study tours.” Problem lang is, these “tours” are approved and are well within the limits of law. That’s always their excuse eh.

  • Yeah, you said it well Robert. These clowns in the government offices in Bukidnon should be dealt with accordingly. i have friends in the city and provincial offices and you know what?


    That is why some people have the perception that one should apply sa gobyerno kay AYAHAY kaayo (to the expense of the taxpayers money) BS!

  • I also agree to your point Mr. Robert Galamiton and Mr. taga-bukid.

    There are really so many employees in our city government who enjoy those “luxuries”. It is so disappointing that the government officials are tolerating those activities. But it is not just about the government officials anymore, it is also about those working in the government and us. Do we really care for our city and to its people? Aren’t those government employees who’s enjoying the tax payer’s money ashamed of themselves? Aren’t they ashamed to the people who pay their taxes? In reality, it is not just the officials that are corrupt. People are also corrupt. On what they are doing, they are corrupting the people’s money. If those employees would not propose such “expensive activities” and the officials would not approve those, then, there would be no problem.

    I am not living in Malaybalay City right now since I am studying at UPLB and I just go home every Christmas break and summer vacation. But even though I am far away from my hometown, this does not hinder me from participating on the issues of my own home. I am going home this December break and I am so sad about the current situation of Malaybalay City. I am sad because it is not safe anymore to stroll around the city anytime I want and I must be very careful when going out with friends.

    It is really so disappointing to hear about the current situation of Malaybalay. Sayang naman, ipinagmamalaki ko pa nman ang Malaybalay in my classmates here and I am recommending to them to visit our place but upon knowing about the situation, I am hesitant already to recommend it to them, afraid that they just might be disappointed.

    But anyway, I am so happy about the people of Malaybalay because we are not just ignoring the issues we must act upon. It’s so heart-warming to hear about people caring for justice. 🙂 keep up the good work! Thanks for being a good example to us, the youth. Hoping we could surpass this issues. 🙂

  • Ask yourselves, bakit pinatay ang isang suspect sa murder ni sir Jay? The manner of the killing is executionary in style. It means somebody wants this poor guy not to talk. I hope these people will rot in hell!

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