Photoblog: Waig Crystal Spring Resort

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At Waig Crystal Spring Resort in Maramag, Bukidnon. This resort is owned by the Acosta family (the operations manager is Peter McNeil – a very affable person. I actually know the guy – he’s very nice and very helpful)

Waig Crystal Spring Resort Maramag ( Crystal Spring Resort‘s major attractions include several pools, these slides and man-made mini waterfalls. The resort also has a cable car (last time my family and I were there, we paid 5 pesos per person) – not for the weak of heart, though! Just look at this photo that I took while aboard the cable car:

Waig’s cottages are reasonably priced and if you opt to grab some meals there, they have a restaurant that can whip up delish grub in a few minutes.

Try their fish recipes! You can also opt for night swimming. Interested to stay overnight? The resort also has various rooms whereby you can have a good night’s sleep. Waig Crystal Spring Resort in Maramag town is another tourist site in Bukidnon that you should not miss!

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  • good day, pwede makahingi or pakisend ng tarif about sa price ng hotel, cottages, entrance fee… thanks a lot my company wants to have an outing

  • good day!..can you send me the tariff about hotel price and cottage, for a couple, matrimonial bed. How much is the entrance. where do i make a reservations?

  • ano ang mga room rate ninyo,, how 2 reserve?
    pls pakisend sa email ko with helpful info. tnx

    may vacation package ba kayo?

    is it near the zipline?

  • hi.

    Its me Cheryl. gud eve! i would like to ask how much is the entrance fee, cottages and the rate of the rooms per day.

    Do we need to pay 1st if we want na magpa.reserve kami??

    i look forward to your reply.
    thanx and god bless.

  • a word of caution though: I jumped into the pool, the one whose jumping board is facing the Pulangui river. It ended up disastrous. My head hit the floor. It is not true that it is 8 feet, since the flooring is ascending as in a slope. I told Mcneil to prohibit guests to use this jumping board, especially for heavily build figures like mine.

  • Don’t be fooled just by the pictures or photos that you see. A research of the place will be helpful to get a proper background of the place. A colleagues 8 year old boy lost his life in this resort. He could have been saved if there were properly trained lifeguards around the pool.

  • hi, just ask how much is the rate of entrance, open cottages, zip line, cable car. is the resort having a vacation package, just reply me to my email, thanks

  • hello po! 😀 itatanong po namin, how to reserve a room po jan? kasi i-feature po namin ang WAIg for our finals, jan po kc kmi mgte-taping ng aming variety show.. pupuntapo kmi jan nxt sat. oct 22-23, we nid your reply.
    how much po kung mag zip line at mag cable car?
    thank you! :)) more power! 😀

  • highway robbery..yan po ang tawag sa waig resort..this place is horrible..we were there last holy week of 2012..we checked the website,family room was 2,700+,we called and even talked to the manager.we hit the road for more than 4 the
    reception,we are told that the website was old and the rate was more than double!!!and they dont accept credit choice..the nxt day,6am we were woke up by a very loud videoke singing,6am!!and we lost 3 pairs of slippers and our friends in the other room lost a camera charger@!! the crew are not friendy and accomodating,they were implying that its not their fault..the lights outside the rms was off at 11:30pm,maybe that time they stole our slippers..guests are not secured then..most of all,its dirty..we saw dirty diapers around the pool..not worth it the trip..the place is not relaxing,and its old and dirty..and very poor service to the guests…

  • Can you tell me more about your place? I will be in Malay Balay in a couple of weeks and am thinking of coming there. I have not booked a place yet. I would like more information including prices, etc. thank you Don.

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