Photos: Sumilao Bus Terminal

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We got the chance to visit Bukidnon lately and well, basically Sayre Highway has not changed. It’s still a major pain in the ass to travel the Cagayan de Oro – Bukidnon – Davao route. already wrote about this problem a few weeks ago. If you’re traveling from CDO to Malaybalay City via bus, for instance, it now takes you about 3 hours instead of the usual 2.

Anyways, here are two photos we took at the Sumilao Bus Terminal. The bus we rode in had to stop there for a couple of minutes because well…the road was really BAD.

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  • The Sumilao bus terminal is a CR stop, not a bad road stop. How on earth are you ever able to make that Malaybalay to CDO trip in only 3 hours? It usually takes the buses I ride closer to 4 or more hours. Before the road destruction masquerading as construction started, the fastest a person in a bus could make that trip was about 2 1/2 hours if the bus was boarded @ about 4:00 AM when there were few passengers and the bus could just motor on rapidly. That is the longest 92 KM I have ever experienced!

    • That CR stop adds 15 minutes to the ride to CDO and only the fact that it is closed at night makes the night time ride a bit shorter.

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