Pilipinas Kay Ganda – do you think this will help boost Bukidnon tourism?

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BUKIDNON NEWS | COMMENTARY | BUKIDNON TOURISM – Starting today, tourists will see a new slogan that aims to promote Philippine tourism. From “WOW Philippines,” the new tourism campaign slogan will now be “PILIPINAS KAY GANDA.” Malacanang said that the slogan change aims to “reinvigorate” the country’s tourism efforts.

On the official Presidential Communications Operations Office website, an explanation about the slogan change was posted. “Pilipinas Kay Ganda aims to reinvigorate our country’s tourism campaign and double tourist arrivals within the next three years.”

The Pilipinas Kay Ganda campaign is presumably part of the P100 Million Department of Tourism budget.

Now the million dollar question is — do you think “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” will help boost tourism in the Province of Bukidnon?

Do you think it will help entice tourists to visit Bukidnon? Do you think only fellow Filipinos will come and less foreign tourists now?


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  • I believe “WOW Philippines” is a more effective slogan. How on earth would foreign tourists understand “Pilipinas Kay Ganda.” I think the present administration is hell-bent in changing every program that’s been credited to the previous admin.

  • Well, now that you mention it, maybe they should have chosen an English tagline.. Like Philippines So Beautiful or The Beauty of the Philippines..

    If it were done properly, YES, Bukidnon would greatly benefit from it because this is still the most beautiful province I have seen. And that’s not just a biased statement. =)

    • @Gina – according to their new website, they’ll promote it as “Pilipinas Kay GANDAH.” Weird. Plus the new website has so many typos and very odd content. “Feast your plate.” (Huh?) And they described Bohol as “hills of chocolate” (How very creative! Ugh) I’m worried as to how they’ll describe Bukidnon

  • i agree all the comments above and i have no idea bakit pinapalitan nila ang tagline na “WOW PHILIPPINES”..common sense na lang at simple interpretation for those little knowledge about Philippines na ang Pilipinas is refer to a woman or a girl from the Philippines..tourista do not know Pilipinas..they only know Philippines..walay laing nahimo ang present admin cge lang pang usab sa mga bagay nga dili unta angayon usbon.

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