Quitting SMART Bro and switching to GLOBE Wimax

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SMART Bro sucks. SMART Bro customer service sucks. And because we simply cannot fathom the poor service, unprofessional attitude and manners shown by one specific SMART Wireless Center employee, our billing statements always get delayed (and sometimes don’t even get sent at all), the fact that the SMART customer service agents can’t even trace our payments (how odd is that?) and more importantly, the fact that the company itself doesn’t exert effort to at least remind their subscribers that their accounts are qualified for renewal benefits, BukidnonOnline.com has, after nearly three years of being loyal subscribers, finally quit SMART Bro and has now switched to GLOBE Broadband. We specifically chose the Globe Wimax service, a wireless Internet service.

Thankfully, we’re contented with the Globe Wimax service in Bukidnon so far. Pretty fast Internet, way more courteous and knowledgeable customer service agents (you can reach the Globe Broadband Internet hotline by dialing 211 using your Globe handyphone) and hopefully, way better benefits for paying customers in the long run.

Our switch to Globe Internet from Smart Bro does not mean, though, that we won’t criticize Globe Broadband if we need to.

With this, we highly recommend that you give Globe Broadband a try. If you’re in Bukidnon, you can find a Globe Business Center in Valencia City, Bukidnon. You can also call 211 and ask for details on how to reach an authorized Globe Internet agent nearest you.

May we stress that this is NOT a paid post. Let’s just say we just got too pissed off with SMART Bro that we’re hoping everyone teaches them a lesson by switching to other Internet Service Providers.

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  • Our lock-in period with Smart Bro will expire on September. I will research more on PLDT MyDSL and Wimax and will make a final decision. 🙂

    • @Biyaheng Pinoy – unfortunately we don’t have active mydsl connections here yet so we’re sorta stuck with either globe wimax or that sucky smartbro hehe

      • PLDT is kinda sucky too (valencia) but the engineer told me that they are in the process of digging and assembling fiber optic linesthat is currently already in Valencia.. Just dunno how soon they’ll get done and make the service active..

        • @KJAonline – i remember when sotelco announced that they’re currently installing fiber optic lines. dugay na kaayo to!

  • hey i dont know if this is a problem with my web browser but i cant read your posts. maybe its because of the color combination. im just having a really hard time navigating this site. please make it more simple.

  • im able to read the posts but the comments seem to be a lil blurred or grayed out. i guess it was with the browser. im using a different browser now and it seems to be working. I like your blog by the way, its very informative than the official site of bukidnon. very informative. keep up the good work.

  • Its like driving on a highway, pag daghan sakyanan hinay ang traffic, sa smart medyo daghan na subscriber mao hinay, unlike globe…but you are right, smart do really sucks, one hour ayha makontak costumer service.

      • I just got my SMart bro installed, Monday last week, and gosh, I spent additional $1,980 for the antenna . the installer said the connection is stable… of course he reminded me that lock in period is 2 yrs before he activates the acct bec he needs to activate before seeing the speed .SUcks…. It’s not even reaching 50% of the max rate 1mbps! Terrible…Now I’m stuck for 2 yrs.

  • Hi, BukOnline.

    Kumusta ang imo experience with Glb Wimax so far? Okay naman? Philcom really, really sucks nagyud.

    Waiting to hear from you… thanks…

    • @Renier – No major complaints so far. Pleased with the service.

      By the way, have you signed up for the blogging workshop yet?

  • The first thing that we can do about Smart Bro, is to complain about their service directly to the NTC using their website at ntc.gov.ph. If you sift through the links you can find a complaint form, I found it using the site map I think.

    I also made a facebook page called ‘Smart Bro are Thieves’, because this is the most common remark I seem to find on the internet. If you are like me and feel that Smart is stealing your hard earned money, please visit and like my page at:
    Maybe with enough likes, we can get Smart to listen, or at least let the rest of the world know that SMART BRO ARE THIEVES! Ninanakaw nila ang pera ‘natin!

    • i must agree with you on that smartbro being a thieves in 3 ways for me 1 they keep robbing my load even if it only has 2 pesos left yeah i know not much but this has happen loads of time

      2 they also have stolen 2 hours of my unlisurf 50 and left me with only 22 hours of service thats happen to me atleast 3 times

      3 it seems to me that they have really throttled my connection or also better known as killing my darn speed

      so yes i agree they are a bunch of thieves i will also be adding another personal comment regarding smartbro

  • i gotta say i like this post and some of the others i have seen around about smartbro.

    anyway here is the upshot regarding my time with smartbro.

    first of all my wife had the smartbro fixed wireless thing on the roof for i guess about 3 years or so it seem to be pretty good the only down side was the speed was kinda crap then later decided to move over to PLDT for a faster connection speed but later turned out that was a bad idea they throttled my connection so much and download speeds sucked so moved over to globe broadband/dsl and heck thats fast.

    anyway to the point as i am always out hardly at home i decided to buy my self a smartbro plug-it so i can continue with my work while on the move also keep upto date with downloads and such for the first 3 months i think it was really fast no connection issues.

    after 3 months the problems started first of all they rob me of 2 hours of my unlisurf 50 leaving me with 22 hours that happen about 2 or 3 times then they started robbing my load its only small amounts but in total its quite a lot when its counted up.

    at the same time they throttled my connection and made my download speeds so darn slow its unreal and now i can only download at a speed of around 20 to 35kbps and before i was getting around 100 to 140kbps maybe more on a good day.

    now the past week or 2 the connection seems to be really unstable web pages wont load so i have to keep pn disconnecting and reconnecting to get a page to load but the strange thing is my downloads are still downloading and i can still chat on ym or send txts with chikka and i have done all the needed things when it comes to web surfing such as cleaning history and so on.

    so thats the issues i have with my smartbro i had been thinking of switching to globe plug it but it has a 800mb usage limit a day and as you can guess thats no good for me and i have heard many times that sun also sucks so really i am stuck with smartbroken.

    as for customer service yes i agree i think they are just as bad as the smartbro service SUCKS.

    as for my downloading i had managed to tweak my download client and got the speed going a little faster not as fast as i would really like it but every little helps.

    i have had many people say it could be because the service is over loaded with users but this issue is 24 hours a day and i even asked around the area and the stores say they dont sell smartbro load because no one really uses it around here i guess some people have sence lol.

    anyway if anyone has any ideas on how to speed this connection up or other ideas please leave me a comment or better still us smartbro users better get together and give smartbro a good shouting at.

    have a nice day all

  • I hate to say this but Globe is far worse than Smart Bro. We were Smart Bro subscribers for five years before making the switch to Globe Wimax only last June. It was okay at first but things started to get really messed up a month after. And this 27th of October, we totally lost our connection. They haven’t restored it until now. And I really don’t know when their tech team will get here because they keep on rescheduling their on site visit. So if you’re a smart bro subscriber who’s really really mad about their service and is in deep thought of getting a globe wimax subscription, think again. It’s like exchanging a thief for a murderer.

  • hello po I need help kc my globe broadband po kami at wala man internet connection gusto namin ibalik ayaw nila tanggapin many time n po kami pa balik balik kc gusto namin ibalik ayaw nila nag ask me n e cancel yung pnermahan namin taz hinayaan nlang namin till few months ago sini singel nla kami n bayaran nmin ang monthly eh hnd naman namin n gamit kc wla nga connection..till now gusto nila mag sampa ng kaso kc hnd daw me nag babayad pwde vah yun ipilit s amin eh hndi nga namin nagamit.plzzz help me I need your advice guys send me in my email if what should I do.mj.estribor@yahoo.com thanks.

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