Rural Transit Mindanao Inc buses air pirated movies

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COMMENTARY | PERSONAL | OPINION | BUSINESS – I have personally witnessed this…TWICE! First, when I was aboard a Rural Transit Mindanao Inc (RTMI) bus from Malaybalay City to Cagayan de Oro City. This was about a week and a half ago when I was in Bukidnon for three days (was on my way to the Lumbia, CDO airport for a flight going to Manila) If my memory serves me right, the bus number was 2724. I was so appalled to realize that the bus was airing a pirated version of “Clash of the Titans.”

The next instance was just a few days ago. After arriving from a brief Cebu City trip, I was aboard another RTMI bus that plied the CDO to Valencia route. The bus played a 15-in-1 pirated DVD (read: 15 movies in a single DVD)

Now I am not about to be all “high and mighty” but seriously — don’t you at least expect a little more courtesy and decency from businesses? Do businesses like bus liners now have to be advocates of piracy?

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  • pirated DVDs are much cheaper than the non-pirated ones. I don’t say that the RTMI was right, but they certainly do what many of us are doing – patronize piracy. It would entail a lot of education to gain the upper hand against piracy. The motto “ako ang simula” should also apply to piracy. Each one should throw away all computer installers, programmes, word processor programs. Having done that, I am sure we will catapult ourselves back to the dark middle ages, because this damned country thrives on piracy. The incidents with the RTMI busses may well just be tips of the iceberg.

  • @fr. jun balansag – personally, it would do our country worse if we continue to be apathetic. tolerating pirates just because their goods are way cheaper than the original ones will not help one bit. it’s true – this may just very well be the tip of the iceberg and the only time that we need to address this problem is now.

  • I am a regular customer of RTMI aircon bus since i travel from val to cdo twice a week. So far, they have been playing great movies and songs with their new units.

    Although some maybe pirated copies, it should also be noted that these movies are made available to them either by the management or on bus terminals where they would normally stop. We cant blame them because it might be their customers that they want to prioritize most. Take note that one way of keeping customers in business is customer satisfaction. That might be the reason why they showed The Clash on a pirated version.

    For me, its OK.

  • @drake – that’s exactly what’s wrong with our society. IMHO, we tolerate the intolerable. first of all, should RTMI still be worried about customer satisfaction? they practically have a monopoly in the province of bukidnon. save for a few buses run by pabama and all those small bus liners, rural transit mindanao practically has every possible route covered. secondly, why can’t they show ORIGINAL movies?

  • Nasakyan ko na ata lahat ng bus sa manila like, victory liner, five star, genesis, cher, fermina express, at marami pa, lahat ung mga un lahat pirated ginagamit ni minsan di ko nakita na nagpalabas sila using orig DVD, lol. bakit rural transit lang sinasabi mo..?

    • @Neo – first, because Bukidnon IS NOT Manila. Secondly, Rural Transit operates here in Bukidnon. Thirdly, because Rural Transit is the largest bus liner here in Bukidnon.

  • simply because they might want to save with the cost.

    just imagine having an original dvd of 400+ multiplied by the number of aircon units they have.

  • Masyadong nagmamalinis naman ang author. Kung may iPod or Music player ka, 98.9% ng laman niyan ay kuha sa internet. haha..

    Ang point mo ay ang paggamit ng pirata sa negosyo?
    Lahat naman ng negosyo ah tumatangkilik ng pirata, mapa-TV network, Radio, School, Cable Network, Karinderya atbp.

    If you work inside the Movie/Music industry, I would respect your views.

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