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BUKIDNON ONLINE | BUKIDNON BLOGGERS | BUKIDNON BLOG | INTERNET | BUKIDNON NEWS | TECHNOLOGY NEWS – I am absolutely thrilled to share with you all – especially to those who have already signed up for the upcoming Blogging 101 and How To Earn Money Online workshop – that we have another generous sponsor in the person of Senator Juan Miguel “Migs” Zubiri! The good senator, who used to serve as Bukidnon Third District congressman, has extended valuable support for the said blogging workshop. And for that, I am really, really grateful! It only took me a few minutes to explain to him what the goals of the workshop are and he readily said yes!

For those of you who have not registered yet, please do so here.

Just to share with you a little backstory – about 2 weeks ago I was in Manila for the 17th National Public Relations Congress (and, yes, it seemed that I was one — if not the ONLY ONE! — of the very few Mindanao-based publicists there!) I also decided to make use of my time there to visit the Senate and pay some of the senators and their staff members a visit. My last stop was, of course, the Office of Sen. Migs Zubiri. It was nearly 3 PM and his staff told me that he might drop by his office before proceeding to the session hall. And so I waited at the receiving area of his office, along with three other girls who were there to have photos taken with him.

migs zubiri at senate | photo by

Several minutes later, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri arrived. He was in a jolly mood and yes, he was impeccably dressed, as always. He was accompanied by some personnel from Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano’s office. We waited for a few minutes. When he finally led his guests to the door, the three girls who were waiting for him excitedly stood up and requested to have photos taken with him. I also stood up and tried to remember what I had to say to him. Ah yes…the blogging workshop.

Moments later, he saw me and said my name! (Okay, seriously, I was a bit surprised because there I was, so ready to introduce myself and explain, in hopefully a few audible sentences, what the blogging workshop would be like and he just nonchalantly said my name — AMAZEBALLS!)

And then he asked what I was visiting him for and if I could take a walk with him towards the session hall. (His office was located at the 5th floor and the session hall was at the 2nd) I told him about the upcoming blogging workshop, what I was doing now (I used to be a writer for a local newspaper here in Bukidnon but now I’m a public relations practitioner, new media consultant and outsourcing agency owner — I think I managed to squeeze those infos during our conversation) and that I’d take photos during the session and film his speech (he delivered a speech about the Angat Dam that day) When we reached the elevator, he graciously introduced me to Senators Gringo Honasan and Joker Arroyo. And then he said I could count on his support for the workshop and that I should attend and observe the session that day. Which I did.

senate | www.BukidnonOnline.comAfter the session, I approached him to say thank you one more time and to congratulate him for an insightful speech.

As expected, a lot of people asked to have photos taken with him. He graciously accommodated each and every one of them. I found that fascinating because I know of some senators who say they’re just “too busy” to say yes to simple photo ops. How odd, eh?

Anyways, I just wanted to share that with all of you. Our senator from Bukidnon seems to be doing his job and he’s doing it really well so perhaps we can cut him some slack, pat him on the back and say thanks once in a while.

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