Spotted: pedestrians not following that Malaybalay exec order

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Is this a familiar scene? You can find this scenario in front of Gaisano Mall Malaybalay City. Despite an executive order, people still cross that pedestrian lane.

Where are the traffic management center operatives?

Also can’t help but wonder why there are still pedestrian lane lines painted on the street. Of course, people who aren’t familiar with the executive order or those who couldn’t immediately notice the order will surely still cross that pedestrian lane. Tourists will also most likely commit the same mistake.

pedestrian lane gaisano malaybalay

pedestrian lane gaisano malaybalay

pedestrian lane gaisano malaybalayWhat are your thoughts about this?

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  • Lets face it .If the city was not so badly managed they could reap in a fortune of fines and not just people crossing at the wrong point.Drivers are ill disiplined and drive up one way street,park in areas that force pedestrians to walk on the busy road.I can list many more areas of ill disipine but no more room

  • I once got a ticket for jaywalking in front of Gaisano’s because I did NOT use that painted crosswalk. According to the law in every place in The Philippines the ONLY place you are to cross is in a painted crosswalk and traffic is supposed to stop for pedestrians. I actually got hit by a car going about 80KPH while I was crossing the street in front of Bethel Baptist Hospital. The car was in the wrong lane and hit me with his right side mirror on my LEFT side. The car was owned by the previous Provincial Legal Officer Jeoffrey C. Sayson. That creature must be the most arrogant bastard in all The Philippines and I wish he would come to Franklin, Pennsylvania where I live now so I could teach that bastard a lesson in manners.

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