Survey: Do you like the heavy presence of army and police at Kaamulan areas?

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Bukidnon Online has a question for all of you. Do you guys like the heavy presence of army and police units at various areas where Kaamulan Festival 2011 events are being held and will be held? Case in point – just check this photo Bukidnon Online took at the area where the Malaybalay City Street Map can be found. This can be found right behind the Capitol Stage at the Capitol Grounds in Malaybalay City. Notice the army truck. Bukidnon Online also noticed a lot of heavily armed army personnel around the Capitol Grounds. There were several policemen stationed near the Garden Show area as well.

So we want to ask you all — do you feel more safe now that there’s heavy presence of army and police at Kaamulan areas? Why or why not?

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  • yes.. (:
    the presence of armed officials will help scare the bad elements…
    but as a responsible citizen, we can help alleviate lawlessness by staying away from dark places, not coming home late and stuff.
    you know what i mean.

  • fair enough. but they should have done this earlier. kinahanglan pa diay daghan mga matay ayha mag deploy og pulis og army? how i wish nga mamatyan pud unta cla kini atong mga tambaloslos nga leaders sa syuda sa malaybalay para ila ma realize unsa ka sakit og pait mamatyan og igsoon, amigo, anak, uyab, asawa og unsa pa dha. labi na ni si menesis! hinaot unta ikaw ang madunggaban or imo anak ba kha!

    • Hello Nonoy, salamat for sharing your thoughts. What worries us is the message this sends to our Kaamulan guests and tourists. Will it worry them? Scare them? While it’s good to see proper and sufficient security, it may make our guests think that we only do this come Kaamulan time or worse, we NEED to do this because of what’s been happening as of late.

  • Here is my 2 cents worth. I am a kano and was in Bukidnonon last month. I saw anti-American poster on the power poles. They were new and it told me that I wasn’t welcome there. So I stay at home and have no plans on going where I am not wanted.

    • Hi Gary, sorry about that. Where in Bukidnon exactly did you see these posters? Those were probably just courtesy of a small group of anti-American protesters. There are a lot of foreigners living in the province and we hope that this didn’t scare you off entirely.

  • My wife was born and raised in Bukidnon and we now live in Tagum City. We were going south to Davao and just left the last big city. They were posted on power poles along the main road. It was the first time to see anything like that. Most everyone I have met here in the Philippines is very kind to me.

  • Hi Mr. Gary… I am so sorry about your experienced in Bukidnon but rest assured it is only an isolated incident. This maybe a work of some small groups of activist but i’m sure it will not harm anyone.

    With regards to this army and police thing, Visibility and strategically place police force is enough to safeguard the safety of those who will attend the Kaamulan Celebration. No need of the army if Police will just to their job efficiently. Iagree with you Buk. Online exaggerated show of force can scare people and tourist alike.

    Our safety also starts to ourselves. Happy Kaamulan to all…

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