Talks about four personalities running for Valencia City mayor deepen

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The talks are getting stronger and stronger. It looks like there will be four (or even more!) candidates for the Valencia City mayoralty post next year during the May 2010 national elections. It will be one major, busy campaign year for the candidates and for the people of Valencia City, Bukidnon then. During the last election, it was a fight between controversial former Mayor Jose Galario, Jr. and incumbent Valencia City Mayor Leandro Catarata. Catarata was a Vice Mayor then and enjoyed the heavy political backing of incumbent Bukidnon Gov. Jose Zubiri, Jr.

This time around, it looks like Catarata will not only face Galario once again but two of his party-mates, incumbent City Councilors Dr. Almer Alfonso, Sr. and Cleofe Mabao. And if you ask people in Valencia City who are “in the know,” they say that Mabao and Alfonso will definitely be forces to reckon with.

Alfonso served as an undefeated councilor of the then municipality of Valencia. When Bukidnon’s largest town became a city, he also successfully garnered a seat in the council. Although he did try running for mayor before and lost, I guess fate just wanted him to do well as councilor first. Dr. Alfonso got a good number of votes in the last election and I guess he now feels that he’s ready to vie for the mayoralty post once again.

Mabao, meanwhile, is a neophyte councilor…but definitely not a neophyte in local business. Best known for her many restaurants, farms and other business ventures, Councilor Mabao is known to be Catarata’s (and Galario’s for that matter) “strongest political foe” come 2010. She’s married to former Valencia City Councilor Atty. Eliezer Mabao and these days, people say that she heavily enjoys support from fellow incumbent councilors. In fact, a prominent personality in Valencia City has confirmed to Bukidnon Online that Mabao may just be the silent yet formidable force that will shock the people of Valencia as soon as campaign season begins.

So where does this leave Catarata? Will he still manage to have himself re-elected?


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  • It is possible to have four candidates for Valencia City Mayor come 2010 elections. Mabao is the strongest among the cadidates because she is supported by Almost all City Councilors and she had the money to support her political activities. Governor Zubiri is perceived to be supporting the Mabao Candidacy.

    It is but normal for Councilor Francisco La Vina Alkuino to support her sister Baby Mabao for mayor. The same for Councilor Rolando P. La Vina being her relative. While Councilors Chan and Garcia are her allies in City council.

    If I were Baby Mabao, I would put-up Councilor Oliver Owen L. Garcia as my Vice Mayoralty Candidate. My reasons are: His credential speaks for itself; Second, He had a good command of his fellow councilors, Third, he is close to Governor Zubiri.

    The only issue that affect Mabao’s candidacy is her non-payment of minimum wage to her workers.

    Dr. Alfonso tried it in 2001 but he lost to Galario. I am sure in 2010 history repeats itself. His candidacy is always affected by the fact that he chased his mother with a caliber .45 pistol.

    Former Mayor Galario has been supported by different organization and sects like: Iglisia Ni Christo, Friends Forever, Bantay Progresso, and alliance of local casual employees. His only problem is lack of money.

    His administration then was accused of graft and as campaign promise of then Candidate Catarata, “within one month from his oathtaking he will put Galario to prison. sad to say, Galario is still free and cases filed against him did not materialized or were dismissed due to lack of evidence.

    Mayor Leandro Jose H. Catarata is being accused by Valencianos that he mismanaged the City Hall, second, He failed to construct the City Central market, third that he is vendictive to his employees.

    Mayor Catarata, Councilors Eduardo D. Chan, Oliver Owen L. Garcia, Rhea Renna Agripo, Arlyn P. Ayon, Ranulfo E. Pepito, Almer M. Alfonso, Sr., Rolando P. La Vina, Francisco L. Alkuino, and Cleofe A. Mabao, were administratively and crimininally charged before the Office of the Ombudsman by City Assessor Arnold Azucena for conduct prejudicial to the best interest of service, oppression, and grave misconduct and a for violation of anti graft and corrupt practices act RA 3019 sec. 3(e), respectively.

  • @hans – thank you for this. What you shared really made me (and I’m pretty sure a lot others) ponder. May I ask you, though…do you think Mayor Catarata has a big chance of winning in next year’s elections? Why or why not?

  • My analysis to Mayor Catarata’s chances of winning is very slim. I’d rather vote for Mrs. Mabao than voting for him again. My concern is the vice mayor as of now. let the bright minds be on top of the City council. Councilor Garcia is overqualified to be a City Councilor again.

    If City Councilor Garcia will run for Vice Mayor, I am willing to give my financial support to him provided he will not be with Galario.

  • I’ll vote again for Catarata as City Mayor, If Mayor Catarata can satisfactorily explain the validity/ legality of the following:

    1. His release of salary to Mr. Ira Mark Oliver Potestas as City Administrator who is not legally appointed and concurred by the Sangguniang Panlunsod;
    2. He allowed some employees/department heads to just read a newspaper and without a proper functions, The government is spending alot of money for their salaries and yet they are not working;
    3. the City bus terminal and traffic problem in the City and the non-use of the new terminal;
    4. when he will put Galario behind bars as campaign promised;
    5. The graft and corruption in the City Government:
    A. 500,000 worth of chck issued in his name, what is the purpose of it?????? why it was not supported by any documents?????
    B. What is the result of Special audit to Galario? why not publish it in full text.
    C. What happened to your Central Market?


    To be honest with the people. My choice for Mayor or Vice Mayor of Valencia City is City Councilor-Atty. Oliver Owen L. Garcia. He is a dynamic, Youthful, do-able, and energetic leader. He is a good fiscalizer and a firebrand leader of the August body. to all readers/bloggers, please help us convince him to rn for mayor or City Vice Mayor of Valencia. Sobra na Tama na ang corruption sa Valencia. Iboto! Oliver Owen “Baba” L. Garcia.

    Judge him by his performance, his realation to the Baranagays. He is the Author of 2Million aid to the Barangays. Galario, Catarata, and Mabao cannot win if Hon. Garcia will be their opponent. AS I said he had the support of Gov. Zubiri and the local businessmen.


  • That’s your own opinion. You are entitled to it. But do you think he ( Owen) is popular as galario in the barangays? I don’t think so. Not even Mabai can surpass what galario did to most of the barangays. THis is m.o.p.

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