The Tribes Of Bukidnon

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After reading so much about Bukidnon, you must be planning to hop on the next plane that will bring you to the Province of Bukidnon. Before you do that, though, here are things and facts that you have to know about Bukidnon. Knowing this will somehow give you an idea of what to expect once you land your feet on the ground of the famous and most celebrated paradise at the center of Mindanao!

Bukidnon is more than just a place for fun, leisure and enjoyment; it is where you would experience seventh heaven. That is right! Perfect bliss and pleasure certainly awaits you in every inch of its 955,455 hectares of land. There are so many place that you would never want to miss when you are in the Province of Bukidnon. These will make your stay really impressive and memorable. More than that, the warm and friendly people here will definitely make your stay fantastic.

The Tribes of Bukidnon

Just like any other provinces, there are also tribes and natives that live in the land of Bukidnon. The tribe that occupies the mountains is called Manobos and those who inhabit the lowlands are called Bukidnons. Both tribes have their own culture and traditions. They also have their own unwritten laws and the local government respects this. There is also a common understanding between the two tribes and this is the reason why there is peace in this place. When it comes to their language, each tribe has different dialects but still they manage to figure out what each person is trying to say. Even if you encounter men of these tribes, there is nothing to worry about because they are not dangerous. There are some who would prefer to just ignore you, while there are also others who are very hospitable, friendly and welcoming.

Traditional Customs and Beliefs

The tribes of Bukidnon believe that there is only one god who rules all mankind, Magbabaya. Much like Greek mythology, Magbabaya is joined by other minor gods and goddesses who help fulfill his duties and responsibilities. Oftentimes you will see the farmers of this province praying to Ibabasok, the god of agriculture, to watch over their crops and give them a bountiful harvest.

The locals of Bukidnon are really fond of singing and merry making. The tribes of Bukidnon believe that their singing prowess is a gift from the deity Dagingon. They even celebrate nine nights of dances and songs during seasons of harvest to show their heartfelt gratitude for all the blessings they receive. You would definitely be delighted to witness this festivity with the natives of the province.

The tribes in Bukidnon are really not dangerous. They are taught how to respect each other as well as other people’s culture. The beauty of Bukidnon is really not lessened with the existence of these tribes. In reality, the beauty and magnificence of the province is even enhanced because of the preserved culture that they show the world. Being a part of this culture even for a few days would really make you very proud. After a vacation in Bukidnon, you would definitely want to go back and experience more of life with peace and relaxation.

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  • actually, they were not taught how to respect. because it is built-in to the indigenous cultures of the tribes of bukidnon to be very respectful… that's why it is so common to hear and see the words "maayad ha pag-uma", maayad ha anlaw", madagway saselem, liku-luku kaw da, and so on… one of the golden value that the natives of Bukidnon is their way of being "kalalagan daw magagaw! KEEP UP AND PRESERVE OUR GOOD IDENTITIES! MAUYAG KYU ALAN!

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