US Ambassador Harry Thomas to visit Bukidnon

BUKIDNON NEWS | BUKIDNON ONLINE EXCLUSIVES – The word is out. US Ambassador to the Philippines Harry K. Thomas is set to visit the Province of Bukidnon as well as Cagayan de Oro City early this week.

Bukidnon Online already knew the information beforehand but we weren’t allowed to share the information yet πŸ™‚ For security purposes, we will also not divulge the areas where the ambassador will visit. We will, however, post approved updates and media releases.

Bukidnon Online, by the way, has a very special connection to the US Ambassador and to the US Embassy in Manila. The founder of Bukidnon Online was sent to the USA early this year for a 3-week leadership program called the International Visitor Leadership Program, a program for potential and emerging global leaders. The IVLP is a very special program as only US embassies around the world can nominate the program candidates. Out of hundreds of nominees, the founder of was chosen πŸ™‚

The founder of Bukidnon Online also met and tagged along with the Ambassador Harry Thomas last July for a series of important events in CDO. You can read the articles HERE.

US Ambassador Harry Thomas is the second ambassador to visit Bukidnon. The first was Malaysian Ambassador Dr. Ibrahim Saad, who joined the 2011 Kaamulan Festival as a PRIVATE GUEST of Bukidnon Online. The Malaysian Ambassador’s visit was a first in the history of Bukidnon.

Bukidnon Online is the prime mover of the pioneer group of bloggers in the Province of Bukidnon – Bukidnon Bloggers and Social Media Club. Bukidnon Online also organized the first ever Blogging 101 and How to Make Money Online workshop and the first ever Google Mapping Party / Google MapUp.

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