Valencia City Christmas cash gifts reach a whopping P100,000 each

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VALENCIA CITY BUKIDNON | BUKIDNON NEWS | COMMENTARY | OPINION | VALENCIA CITY NEWS | VALENCIA BUKIDNON – So apparently the Malaybalay City government isn’t the most “bongga” LGU in the entire Philippines. We initially wrote a blog entry wondering if the City of Malaybalay employees received the biggest cash gift in the entire country. Well, we received the answer today.

A regular reader of Bukidnon Online just told us via text message that Malaybalay’s neighboring city, Valencia City, allegedly just released a whopping P100,000 (more than US $2,000) EACH to elected officials and department heads. Allegedly, Valencia City regular employees, meanwhile, received P80,000 EACH. Casual employees of the Valencia City local government unit allegedly received P50,000 EACH while job order employees’ cash gifts allegedly ranged between P17,000 and P20,000.

According to our very reliable source, a total of P65 Million budget was released as year-end cash gifts.


We’re pretty sure the bonuses released by the Valencia City government to its employees are the highest in the entire Philippines.

Check this out — Malaybalay City government officials received P50,000.

In Kidapawan City government, regular employees will only receive P38,000.00

In Tagaytay, employees will only receive P15,000 (P10,000 as bonus plus P5,000 cash gift) each.

Newly-appointed Davao City administrator Zuleika Lopez, meanwhile, told Bukidnon Online that Davao LGU regular employees will only receive P10,000 each.

Koronadal City government employees will receive P25,000 each.

In Cebu, government employees only received P10,000 each.


The people of Bukidnon — especially the taxpayers in Valencia City — are, for sure, very interested to know.

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  • whew, if this is true, is valencia really that rich? do the residents enjoy prosperity? are there new infrastructure projects? is poverty being eliminated? improved health services? definitely NO. then maybe i should call on all taxpayers to stop paying their taxes. asa paingon ila gibayad? sa bonus? sa mga kurakot?

  • Yes, giving bonuses is alright if the recipients deserved it. Besides, the amount should not be too much to create a moral dilemma. I am not a taxpayer of the city but my family is. I cannot agree more to your post on what Valencia needs, I stand to be corrected but it is one of the towns in the province where the public health service providers are meager. If I am not mistaken, the city nor its baranggays do not even have a public hospital. I have been reading bad posts about the city’s leadership style and management style but I am a true believer of change and for this to happen the people of the city should speak out. Otherwise, the city will be left out and suffer in the interim.

    • @maria – exactly. i don’t think anybody will question the distribution of huge bonuses if people deserve them. however, let me reiterate — what have these officials done so far to deserve such huge bonuses when there are hardly any improvements around the city? there are also a lot of issues that remain in the dark. as a concerned citizen, i’m alarmed at how passive valencianons have become. is it because people have become tired of airing their grievances to no avail?

      i hope people remember that the government is not run by officials. it is supposed to be run by the PEOPLE.

  • they’ve got it all wrong, mainly because the blog is all wrong and everybody was taken into a ride with a very wrong premise.

    First of all, it is a neither a Bonus Nor a Christmas Gift! It is a Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI) allowed by the Department of Budget and Management, Commission On Audit, and the Civil Service Commission provided that it be drawn against the Savings if any by the City.

    Everybody just assumed that it is a Bonus, Naha!

    Now, the strong Fiscal Policy of the City by saving for the whole year and making the Budget be balanced will be for naught because the Savings will revert back to the Internal Revenue Allotment to be divided for the entire country.

    Thus the concept of PEI.

    Anyways, It has been three years in a row now that the City of Valencia is operating in a Balanced Budget. that is a very tall order.

    As to the Sanctimonious preaching of how to spend our money, the point is well taken. However, FYI the City has alloted and Disbursed 20 million pesos in the last four years or 5 million pesos a year for the School Board precisely for the Notebooks, textbooks, pencils, rulers, erasers, bags,dinner, travel, etc.

    the Health Board Fund for example, has received 72 million pesos in the last four years or an average of 18 million pesos per year drawn from 20% local development fund of the Mayor as a premium on Philhealth – isn’t that something.

    last but no the least, the responsibility of maintaining our barangay roads lies in the hands that rocks the cradle – and those were the 31 barangays because the City Government has alloted 500k per brgy. for road maintenance, a whooping 60 million pesos or 15 million per year.

    The City has set the standards for health, education, infrastructure, and the well being of our employees for after all human resource is the greatest of all resource.

    Keep on blogging!

  • if i bruised your feelings maam then i am sorry but keep your facts straight. you should ask forgiveness to your readers for posting wrong information that forever damaged the reputation of our city.


    • We are posting all of your comments because we want the city to know how professional the city information officer is. We want the people to see for themselves just the type of people who work over at their Valencia City Hall.

      First of all, if you just exerted a little more effort to read…the information CAME FROM A SOURCE. A regular reader of this blog had enough concern to share the information to us. Unlike perhaps…what PUBLIC SERVANTS LIKE YOU failed to do. If you or your office did your job to at least send a press release or explain your side from the get-go, then we wouldn’t even have had to reach this point.

      Secondly, the blog post was written in the hope that you, your mayor or your office gets the chance to answer these allegations. What is so wrong with that? Compared to all the flaming reactions from other media, ours was lame at best. Why can’t you just express your side? We would have been more glad to print your statement. Why do you need to answer us this way? DID WE HIT A RAW NERVE?

      Thirdly, if you seriously think that the blog post is “all wrong” and took everyone for a “ride,” then that is where you are terribly mistaken. YOU of all people should know that this blog aims to provide a platform for discussion. If you think that our use of the words “bonus,” “cash gift” etc is wrong, IS THAT ENOUGH REASON FOR YOU TO CALL THESE “SANCTIMONIOUS PREACHING”? Is that how city information officers should act?

      Instead of you trying to hit us, sir, I suggest you should have just expressed your statement in a professional manner. We would have been more than glad to air your side. Unfortunately, the way you handled things is tasteless and uncouth.

      And it’s interesting for you to say that this blog post “forever damaged the reputation of your city.” If that was our intention, we wouldn’t even have had blogged about this in the first place. Who wants to taint your own province? We sure don’t. However, that’s how it is in a DEMOCRACY. The people have the right to know. You have the right to explain.

  • The way the Valencia City information officer lambasted Bukidnon Online reminds us exactly why it’s imperative for government officials and employees to undergo media handling seminars. The last thing you want is to start a fight with people who should be your partners in community development.

  • Halaka bastos ra kaayo ka rsttlcollado! Kinsa diay ka? From what I can understand sa mga comments, murag ikaw ang city info officer? Tama ba ko? Taga Valencia man ko but I appreciate what this site has done kay kung wala nako nabasahan diri ang about sa issue, wala gyud ko tawoy hanaw!


    Nara piso ai, pagpalit ug edukasyon!

  • A word of caution for rsttl collado: Do not write when angry… it shows on your writing.

    Like Bukidnononline have said, this site is merely an online platform for discussion… to surface truth… for public information and good governance.

    I do not believe that this blog site aims to destroy your City or anyone’s reputation on that matter. Why call it Bukidnon Online in the first place?

    I laud the administrator of this site for bringing news and updates to the people, and for promoting our beautiful province to the world.

    On the P100K issue:
    An incentive is not bad, for as long as the one receiving it is DESERVING.
    Should you have shared part of the P100K to the poorest of the poor in your community, it would have made a greater impact. After all, it’s the tax payer’s money. Though human resource is one of the important assets in the organization, it does not mean that they have to receive all the benefits from your savings. Remember this… “The government is for the people, by the people, and of the people” – Abraham Lincoln

    • @Empowered Citizen – thank you so much. Glad that you agree with us. Please read the Facebook thread as well.

      What we do not understand is – how can someone be so angry over the alleged misuse of terms? As a fellow blogger/writer, you know for a fact that it’s so easy to issue an erratum, di ba? We can easily edit our entry and we can easily write another entry that contains the other side. But as you can see, instead of explaining their side in a professional manner, we are on the receiving end of rudeness.

      We’re hoping that more and more people will see the gravity of this. We have already consulted our lawyer and we now understand that it’s not fair for all our readers if we just back down and not explain our side.

      Hoping that more Bukidnon bloggers will also come to our defense.

      Again, thank you. Your kind words serve as our inspiration to continue this advocacy.

  • it is such a shame that a LGU officer would handle such discussions in a tasteless way. resorting to not-so-good words and adjectives and a commanding phrase in ALL CAPS…

    nakakahiya ka!

    • Thank you so much for backing us up, Atty Magman! We have consulted our lawyer and have also saved all screenshots of the exchanges not only here on this website but also over at Facebook. We realized that more people are fighting in our behalf and for that we are really thankful. Salamat kaayo!

  • If I were the LGU officer, I wouldn’t burst like that rightaway on blog comments. I could have sent a private message to the author of this blog, informing that what has been told by a certain reliable source were partly wrong and explain the real story behind it. He is a public servant after all, and wouldn’t want the people to see him as unprofessional arrogant officer.

    • Thank you so much for this, Mr. Rob Bana! Totally agree with you. We did not have any malicious intentions with this blog entry. Because, really, the topic of this blog is BUKIDNON and kami ra pud ang mahimong kataw-anan if we air our dirty laundry in public. However, Bukidnon Online aims to provide a venue for discussion and it’s but right that the people be given the chance to air their opinions.

  • Let’s summarize what rsttlcollado wrote:

    5M for the School Board per year
    18M for the Health Board
    15M for Road Maintenance of 31 barangays (! too little)
    65M savings given for the “incentives” which by the way in
    accounting means the same as bonus, gift, what have you.

    I think the question should be: did the City purposely saved on services for these “incentives”? Because you can conclude that with one look at the figures above.

  • Here in GenSan, regular employees received P15,000 each while job order employees, P600 cash and P300 gift cert.

    I think I am in the wrong city hall. Any opening in Valencia?

  • To rsstlcollado or should we say Aristotle Collado?

    We are a group of Valencia City residents. We are concerned taxpayers of Valencia City, the very same city you said you’re “representing.”

    By the way, who said you can speak in behalf of the people of Valencia? Do you have the blessing of all the people of Valencia to demand an apology? Who are you to say such things?

    From what we can deduce, you seem to be an employee of the Valencia City Hall. Have you forgotten that the people do not owe you anything but instead, you’re the one who has the burden to explain? Yes, this may be news to you, but it is the sad fact that if you’re working for the government, you serve the people. The government is run by the people, for the people and of the people. You do not have any say in demanding anything from anybody.

    May we ask if you’re one of the people who received such big amounts as “incentive”?

    This issue has long been discussed in the local media but it alarms us that you reacted this way on a harmless looking blog post. Bukidnon Online is right – why do you have to react this way when you can just easily answer the issue and explain? Why do you have to resort in writing down these types of words?

    If it’s true that you’re working for the Valencia City government, may this serve as a fair warning to you.

    Be the one to apologize to the hardworking people behind this blog. Never, ever speak in behalf of Valencia City because you only show how rude and power-hungry the people are over there at the city hall.

    Be the one to apologize or else be ready to face an administrative complaint. We will not hesitate to file complaints against you.

    You have been warned.

  • @bariles- indeed you’re in the wrong city hall, so am i! am sure many will apply, the PEI (productivity enhancement Incentive) is so enticing!
    @sandy- oo nga, kadaku sa savings as compared to other budget allotments.
    PEI or cash bonus .. whatever… pareho lang na. the issue is that it was a very huge amount para bahin-bahinon lang sa mga empleyado!

  • By the way, isn’t it interesting to note that the PEI is not across the board?

    If the budget came from savings then everyone who works for the City government should be given due credit.

    Moreover, why do you give incentives to elected officials? It is expected of them to do a good job. It seems that these officials are taking “commission” for the job they are doing.

    Lastly, do you know why government offices like these have a lot of savings? Because they choose to hire personnel through job orders and contracts. Personnel who are not given benefits due of them because they don’t have “employer-employee” relationships but in reality should be otherwise. And if someone does research will find Supreme Court Jurisprudence to that effect.


    By the way, are you the same A. COLLADO who had been addicted to prohibited substances years ago???

  • By the way, isn’t it interesting to note that the PEI is not across the board?

    If the budget came from savings then everyone who works for the City government should be given due credit.

    Moreover, why do you give incentives to elected officials? It is expected of them to do a good job. It seems that these officials are taking “commission” for the job they are doing.

    Lastly, do you know why government offices like these have a lot of savings? Because they choose to hire personnel through job orders and contracts. Personnel who are not given benefits due of them because they don’t have “employer-employee” relationships but in reality should be otherwise. And if someone does research will find Supreme Court Jurisprudence to that effect.


    By the way, are you the same A. COLLADO who had been addicted to prohibited substances years ago???



  • Well from what I can gather, Bukidnon Online merely shared an opinion. Masama na ba ang mag wonder ngayon? What she only wrote is – “We can’t help but wonder” As far as I know, this is still a free country so what’s up with criticizing the writer for sharing a commentary?

    To RSSTLCOLLADO —– you can also share your opinions, man. But you’re dead wrong if you think that the way you wrote your opinion can give you brownie points. The way you wrote your comment leaves a bad taste in the mouth!

    That said, I suggest that you apologize properly to the owners of this website. I won’t hesitate to sign a petition to oust you from your job. And oh, before I forget, I’m a Valencia City resident myself. A teacher. A teacher who, like I said, won’t hesitate to sign a petition to oust you from your job. Arrogance won’t get you anywhere, man.

  • Hello,sorry karon ra ko naka-online ug balik. I want to share my opinions sa issue kay wala ko nahimuot sa mga panghitabo. I have to say nga I have read everything from both sides and I can say that I support Bukidnon Online. I am from Valencia but working here in Malaybalay. I read that site regularly. My family also reads it and my brother-in-law, who is a lawyer, said nga walay sala ang Bukidnon Online. Commentary man tong iyaha and it’s even written sa first line pa lang sa iyahang article nga COMMENTARY | OPINION siya. Everyone is entitled sa iyahang opinion. Free country pa man ni. Ang ako lang, nganong in-ana mag react si rsstlcollado? Dili acceptable para nako ang iyahang comment nga as private individual ra tong iyahang comment. Obvious man kaayo nga taga city hall siya based sa statement pa lang nga “how to spend our money” so obvious kaayo nga taga city hall siya. Kon sa Tagalog pa, wala ng paliguy liguy pa. We have to face reality nga kon government employee ka, act accordingly gyud at all times. Dili gyud nice ang comments nga naay pakapin insulto. Secondly, I agree with you nga the root problem is the fact nga walay proper information about anang mga incentive incentive. Asa dapit sa city hall makabasa ug mga infos about ana? Naka-release ba ang city hall ug proper infos about ana? Asa man? Kanus-a man gipang announce kung naa man galing? Third, if rsstlcollado thinks nga mali ang info nga gikan sa source sa Bukidnon Online, pila ra man tawon nang i correct nimo ang tawo? Usa pa, kon tarong gyud ka nga information officer, naay contact form sa Bukidnon Online. Nag private message unta ni si rsstlcollado to correct them. Fourth, obvious ra kaayo sa mga reactions ni rsstlcollado nga wala siya kasabot unsay blog. Wala man gani siya kasabot unsay Twitter (dili na twetter dong) so obvious gyud nga wala siyay hanaw about online blogs. By the way diay asa man ang website sa Valencia city hall? Basin pud blog ra ang gamit, nahhh pakaulaw ra sad mo kon ingana man galing. Kung naa ra untay website ang city hall… Fifth, I understand nga angry si rsstlcollado kay wrong term ang gigamit. Incentive, dili bonus. Incentive, dili gift. And so? Incentive, bonus, gift…parehas ra na. The fact remains nga naka receive mo ug kuwarta nga gikan sa kaban ng bayan. Period. No need to be sensitive na sa mga terms terms kay ang ending, parehas ra. Nakakuha mo ug kuwarta. Six, I don’t agree nga naaffect ang credibility sa Bukidnon Online. Pirmi ko visit sa blog and more than anything else, I admire the fact nga nag provide siya ug chance for the people to discuss. Agree ko sa mga comments sa Bukidnon Online nga platform man ang iyang blog for discussion, para ma establish ang truth. Truth will set us free. Seventh, agree pud ko sa usa ka comment nga alarming kaayo ang mga actions ni rsstlcollado. Murag ang dating kay scary hinuon diay ang mag share sa opinions. Sunod naa pa syay threats nga probably mag “sue” ang officials ug idiscuss daw niya ni nga issue sa radio. Naunsa?? In-ana diay na sa city hall. Share an opinion = go to jail and be embarrassed through radio. Ah ka grabe ba sad! The government is for the people, by the people and of the people, dili ba? Eight, wa pud ko nahimuot sa comment ni rsstlcollado nga “mere blogger” ra ang Bukidnon Online. Arrogante ra kaayo ang dating. Basin wa siya karealize nga the world is going online na and grabe ang power sa mga bloggers ron. Ang New York Times, usa ka powerful newspaper, mag close na man gani kay wala na daw kaayo subscribers. Mas daghan na online users ron. Mao na na. Daghan pa kaayo ko opinions pero kini ra sa. Ang akong hope lang is that kamo sa Valencia Bukidnon blog will do something. Explain to rsstlcollado kon unsa iyang sayop because on the line pud ang inyong credibility as “mere blogger”. And once and for all, adto mo sa city hall. Ask the mayor kon pila ba gyud ang ilahang “incentive”. Ask all the councilors kon pila ba gyud ang ilahang “incentive”. Ask them also kon tinuod ba nga they’re not happy with what Bukidnon Online said. Naa man kaha mo sa Valencia, please do your share pud para ma fix ni nga issue.

    post ra nako ang akong comment sa Valencia Bukidnon blog fyi… I support you Bukidnon Online! I will also support the admin case against Mr. Collado by the group Voice of Valencia. Willing ko to sign

  • I used to live in Bukidnon specifically in Maramag. Now I’m based here in New Jersey, USA. Bukidnononline has been a refuge for me and for a lot of my friends here in Jersey. We miss home and after so many attempts of trying to find news…any news…about Bukidnon, we finally stumbled upon this website. Needless to say, we are fans and supporters of Bukidnononline. We may be far away but we can always write to the officials there in Bukidnon, should this issue not be resolved amicably.

    To RSTLCOLLADO: we suggest that you apologize as soon as possible. Take my word for it…Bukidnononline will win in the end.

  • Collado, no matter how you call it, bonus or incentive, it’s the same story – INYONG GIBAHIN-BAHIN ANG KUARTA SA KATAWHAN! MGA BAGA’G NAWONG!

    This can be considered as legal corruption. Ang modus kay magtipid sa projects para dako ug savings, dako pud ang share sa kada usa ka buaya sa city hall.

    Ang City hall ba karon turning into a mafia? lead by the godfather Catarata and minions like Collado.. so sad Valencia…

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