Was Manny Pacquiao really born in Kibawe Bukidnon?

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With the November 14, 2009 MGM Grand Las Vegas fight between Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto drawing near, do you think Pacman will now acknowledge the Municipality of Kibawe as his birthplace? I remember that he carried Kibawe in his fights several years ago. Do you think he’ll do the same on November or will he now bring Sarangani (or perhaps General Santos City)? Pacquiao, after all, has signified his plans to run as congressman of Sarangani Province in next year’s national elections.


Also, I remember writing a newspaper article years ago about Manny Pacquiao being born in Kibawe, Bukidnon. So now I’m curious…do the people of Kibawe “feel bad” that Manny is now more “recognized” as a son of GenSan? Or do they still feel happy for Manny’s success in the field of boxing?

What do you think?

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  • yah, there were rumors ciculating around the town that pacman was actually indeed from Kibawe, my father oncetold me that pacman was able to attend his elementary years in kibawe central school. for me, there’s no truth that can be deny. so it’s up to him whatever places name he wants to be carried. wat matters to me is that he brings the pride of the Filipinos among the rest!

  • taga kibawe jud na si pacquiao kay kauban na sa ako papa mang houl ug mais daun sa ako lolo pa jud na musakay ug ferry boat para makatabuk sa pulangui. daghan pacquiao dinhe. unta makahinumdom cya dinhe.

  • we’re proud of his achievements.
    I have known so many people in Natulungan, Kibawe who would confirm Manny is really a native of Kibawe…
    a case of selective amnesia perhaps?
    or natabonan lang sa salapi…

  • Acknowledging ones place is an act gratitude. It is a privilege for me that I was born in Spring,Kibawe,Bukidnon. Knowing Kibawe as one of the best towns in Bukidnon is really a boost of my trust and confidence to my beloved town. Manny may or may not mention it in his present status in life, deep inside him he knows that he is from Kibawe. A person can deny outwardly but inwardly his conscience chased him. What is the issue then of not acknowledhing Kibawe as his hometown? It is just a matter of delicadeza among us Filipinos. It is my wish that the Municipality of Kibawe will have its own website. Let us boost tourism in our place. Let us promote Kibawe. Let us invite investors in Kibawe.

    More Power Kibawe!
    Note: Dili ma edit…protected daw…gusto unta nako edit…hahahays…

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