Who’s behind Bando Malaybalay?

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MALAYBALAY CITY, BUKIDNON – So I want to know — who’s behind this so-called “Bando Malaybalay“? If, like me, you received a mass text message a few days ago from a certain number then you know what I’m talking about. Just in case you haven’t heard of Bando Malaybalay, then here’s the deal.

Last May 24, 2009, at exactly 11:24 am, I personally received a text message from a random number. I won’t divulge the number here just YET.

Anyways, the mass text message was about this so-called “lineup” of local candidates that Bando Malaybalay’s endorsing for the 2010 national elections.

“Isulong and Bando Malaybalay” – the text message read and then it proceeded to name some personalities. Bando Malaybalay’s bet for the congressional seat (Bukidnon Second District, I reckon) is a businessman who ran for the same position the last time but lost. Their bet for mayor is a current city councilor while their bet for the vice mayoralty seat is a current board member (who also happens to be a lawyer). Their bets for the provincial board, on the other hand, include a current board member (who’s also a lawyer) and a current city councilor. For councilors, Bando Malaybalay purportedly endorsers two current city councilors and two lawyers (one is a current barangay councilor while the other one is a department chief at the provincial capitol).

I asked one of the people named in the text message — current Bukidnon Second District Board Member Atty. Jun Beltran (one of Bando Malaybalay’s bets for the provincial board) — for his reaction. His reaction was a mix of both amusement and curiosity.

I know it’s still a year before the next elections but we can definitely see that some people are beginning to shake things up. Whether this Bando Malaybalay is a legitimate group or not, one thing is certain — the election fever is heating up and it won’t be long before we see the political alignments. The incumbents will reveal their “colors” very soon while those aspiring for a position will for sure create something just so their voices can be heard. There will still be more political tandems that’ll crop up so brace yourselves.

Photo of Atty. Jun Beltran courtesy of ASTERISK Events and Communications

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  • Malaybalay and Second District Politics

    We only have 2 lawyers in the provincial board ( Bukidnon-second district): 1. Bukal Bobong Detecio and 2. Bukal Jun Beltran. The other 2 are non-lawyers: Glenn Peduche and Camilo Pepito.

    The incumbent City Councilor and Former Board Member is Engr. Vic Aldeguer. It is a public knowledge in Malaybalay that he will be running for vice mayor as running mate of City Vice Mayor Ignacio Zubiri. This team is a dream team in Malaybalay. Vic Aldeguer a Number 1 City Councilor for two or three times if I am not mistaken.

    Vic Aldeguer has the strong and solid support of Basakan area Barangays: 1. Managok; 2. Violeta; 3. Linabo; 4. Maligaya; 5. Simaya 6. San Martin; 7. Santo Nino; 8. Sinaglanan. While he is upper hand in the following Barangays: 1. Aglayan; 2. Miglamin 3. all upper Pulangui Barangays; However, The only politician who can give him an uphill battle is Mayor Doc Boy Flores if he will follow the Mayor Jurolan and Mayor Emano political styles.

    While possible opposition candidates in Malaylbalay are City Councilor Bob Casanova, Asian Hills Bank President Estelito “litoy” Marabe, and Former Mayor Nick Jurolan.

    If Jurolan will run for Mayor With Casanova and Zubiri as opponent, Jurolan might recover the City Hall considering his solid Basakan support. Without Jurolan in the Picture, Zubiri is a strong candidate.

    Second Congressional District:

    The possible candidates are: 1. Former Vice Governor- Engr. Wenifredo Agripo; 2. Number 1 Board Member-Atty. Roland “Bobong” Detecio 3. Cocoy Bioco 4. A Manila Based Billioner-Realtor-Developer but still undecided.

    In this constest, Agripo is strong Candidate is Valencia and San Fernando considering his connections with Rep. Guinguna and Left of center forces.

    While, Atty. Bobong Detecio is a strong Candidate in Malaybalay City.

    The battleground will be: 1. Lantapan; 2. Cabanglasan; 3. Impasug-ong

    If the Detecio-Agripo on one-on-one fight Agripo is the strong winner even though he is supported by Gov. Zubiri unless the Zubiri style of Comelec control in Valencia will be applied in Second district.

    While Cocoy Bioco without the Governor Zubiri factor he will be a sure loser. if he will be indorsed again by Governor Zubiri then Atty. Bobong Detecio will not be a candidate.

    If it is a Bioco and Agripo contest, with Zubiri Factor, Bioco will win this election but on a slim margin. Bioco has the money but he had no strong political network of his own.

  • The Bukidnon Second Congressional District Politics

    Gov. Zubiri Factor

    The Zubiri Indorsement is of extreme necessity in Bukidnon politics. Gov. zubiri can move heaven and earth as far as politics is concern. His Valencia Magic in 2007 is very effective. He can command a police colonel to do the dirty job and an Comelec employee to lead the task force.

    The Guingona Factor

    The Totsie Guingona Factor in Second Congressional district is very important to a candidate. Guingona has the money and “Galante” in spending. He also had a strong connections with the left, di ba, Ka Abe?

    Final analysis:

    It is a proxy war between Guingona and Zubiri.


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