Will it be a Catarata versus Galario fight in Valencia City?

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Now that sources have said that incumbent Valencia City councilor Cleofe “Baby” Mabao will no longer vie for the mayoralty seat in next year’s national elections, does this mean that the “fight” will now only be between incumbent Valencia City mayor Leandro Catarata and his archrival former mayor Jose Galario, Jr.? Mabao will no longer be pitted against the two. Instead, she will support Catarata’s bid.


* Valencia City Mayor Leandro Catarata – photo taken by www.BukidnonOnline.com *

But what about incumbent City Councilor Dr. Almer Alfonso, Sr. who has also expressed interest to vie for the position?

To date, it’s safe to say that Catarata still heavily enjoys Bukidnon Gov. Jose Zubiri, Jr.‘s support. Catarata, sources say, will remain to be Lakas CMD’s bet for Valencia City mayor.

Still, Galario will for sure put up a fight. Especially now that he has allegedly “regained” his supporters.

What do you guys think of this?

Will it be a 2-way fight between Catarata and Galario or will Alfonso will have a chance?

What do you think Catarata should do in order to win again?

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  • Galario Vs. Catarata

    Between Mayor Leandro Jose H. Catarata and Former Mayor Jose M. Galario, Jr. The later is in upper hand. The reasons:
    1. Mayor Catarata is losing his solid support fom his own supporters may be for some reasons. For example: Barangay Vintar, since 2001, 2004, 2007 elections Galario lost to his opponent in this barangay. His opponent’s campaigner in that baranagay is the Antonio family, et al. but as of today Catarata lost them to Galario beause he put Engr. Anacleto O. Antonio, the HRMO, in floating status. This created a bad effects to his political career.
    2. Mayor Catarata’s promise to put Galario behind bars after 1 month from his assumption to office is one of his broken campaign promises.
    3. Mayor Catarata might be ordered suspended by the office of the Ombudsman before December because the case being file by City Assessor Arnold R. Azucena against him and the 9 City Councilors is now on Resolution Stage.
    Azucena was ordered by Mayor Catarata not to function as City assessor and Chairman of the City Appraisal Committee. His order was based on a City Council Resolution. He is now on floating stautus for more than two(2) years.
    4. Mayor Catarata has chosen his incomptent City administrator. Mr. Iara Mark Oliver Potestas is not a Civil service exam passer. second he finished his BS Fishery but Valencia is not a fishpan.
    5. His omnibus loan in order to build a new market is tainted with graft. per info from City Mayor’s office.
    6. The people of Valencia is in dire need of social service but the present admin is focusing on infrastructure.
    7. His City Hall employees wanted to Change the Mayor because they are feed-up with his daily sermon after the daily exercise at City Hall grounds.
    8. During his first meeting with the City Hall deparment heads, Mayor Catarata made a statement that He will not use the Government Vehicle but in truth and in fact he even confiscated the Deped Vehicle. That He will not appoint his brothers, sisters, relatives, and friends but look, Susan Catarata Recari working in City Hall. she even had a 2 million unliquidated cash advances. We have Nomer Catarata he is also working with the City Hall, Dicto Catarata is also in City Hall. Pelayo, Cabahug, Casiano, Bokingo, Recari, Gabas, all of them are his relatives by blood or by affinity. wow.
    9. The only problem of Galario is the illegal use of government funds to finance the Caatarata campaign and to repeat the dagdag-bawas in GUINOYORAN, LOURDES, San CARLOS, Banlag, Sinayawan, Poblacion, Lumbo, and Batangan.

    if there is an honest election Catarata is a sure loser.

  • I believe that no person should be allowed to run for any office to which they, or any family member regardless of relationship within 2nd cousin closeness or marriage, has had any connection within the period of at least 10 years. Family dynasties are what cause so much corruption in this country and why The Philippines, once a prosperous nation, is now the laughingstock of south Asia.

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