BUSECO decries disconnection claim, releases full statement

Following yesterday’s news that BUSECO is set to be disconnected by the Bukidnon Sub-Transmission Corporation (BSTC), the management of the Bukidnon Second Electric Cooperative has also released its full statement (which can be seen below).

Some of the highlights in the said BUSECO advisory include the following:

  • BUSECO says the BSTC notice to the public is “merely harassment and of no legal basis”
  • BUSECO says there is no legal contract between them and BSTC. The sub-transmission contract apparently expired last January 25, 2016
  • BUSECO says there is no approval from the Energy Regulatory Commission for the BSTC to be paid connection charges and residual sub-transmission charges
  • BUSECO says there is still an ongoing dispute between them
  • BUSECO says that if the disconnection pushes through on September 15, 2016, this would “tantamount to economic sabotage”

buseco statement disconnection

buseco statement disconnection

There are still questions left unanswered, though. For one, how much are these delinquencies? Why did this issue escalate to BSTC brazenly notifying the public of an impending disconnection? Mind you, September 15 is just a few days away and BUSECO’s area coverage is really vast. Imagine the hassle this will bring!

BSTC also even sent Governor Jose Zubiri, Jr. a formal letter. They informed Zubiri of the impending disconnection, prompting the governor to even call for a possible rally to oust the directors of BUSECO.

With the release of BUSECO’s statement, WHAT NOW? Will the disconnection still push through? This is a baffling, worrisome wait-and-see affair.

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