Want to learn how to blog and earn money online? Blogging 101 workshop in Bukidnon very soon!

BUKIDNON | BUSINESS | MONEY | EVENTS IN BUKIDNON | CONSUMERBukidnon Online may just be two years old but the people behind this Bukidnon blog have been involved in industries related to technology, blogging, Internet and new media for many years now. As we previously mentioned, Bukidnon Online is more of a labor of love — a “giving back to the community” sort of thing. We are very well aware, however, that there are people who are “curious” about this website about Bukidnon. And so we thought that perhaps we can share a little bit of our knowledge to all of you — this, still being a part of our community service efforts. There will be a little catch, though — only Bukidnon Online readers will be welcome to the workshop! Read on…

But first things first — Bukidnon Online would like to know how many of you out there are interested to join a Blogging 101 workshopPLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW. Please include your valid email address so we know how to contact you. Also, if you’re really interested to join said workshop, please SUBSCRIBE TO BUKIDNON ONLINE so you won’t miss any of our updates. Please do not forget to VERIFY your email address by clicking on the link that’s sent to you 🙂 This is where the “only Bukidnon Online readers can join the workshop” part kicks in. You see, we would need your email address and we MUST see that among our active Bukidnon Online subscribers list. So again, please SUBSCRIBE TO BUKIDNON ONLINE 🙂

This early, we need a good rough count of people who could join a workshop either in Malaybalay City or Valencia City or even in both areas here in Bukidnon. Please be informed beforehand as well that we may ask for a very minimal fee to help cover the food, electricity charges and venue rental. While we have yet to figure out the expenses, the fee may just range between P200 and P500. If we get sponsors, though, that fee will be decreased or will even be waived so let’s hope there are generous souls out there 🙂

So here goes…we would like to know who among you would be interested to join a workshop wherein people get to learn how to blog, how to start a blog, what the different types of blogs are and how one can monetize a blog. Yup, in case you haven’t heard, people CAN earn money through the Internet…people CAN earn money just by blogging 🙂 Believe us, it’s not impossible to earn money online.

We figured this Blogging 101 workshop can really help all of us especially since it’s now the campaign season. Blogs are great ways to air your grievances, air your observations, champion your advocacies or even hone your writing skills. You can also be a new media practitioner and share your news, views and photos online!

So how about it, Bukidnon? Are you in?


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